Add an Authorized User

Students can give others (parents, employers, etc.) the ability to access their financial account information. Adding an authorized user is written consent that an individual may view account information and make payments on the student's behalf. Please note that authorized users DO NOT have access to stored payment methods, academic  records, or other personal information.


1.  Log in to the Penguin Portal. Under e-Services for Students, click "University Bursar".
Penguin Portal Home Page showing University Bursar link circled in the eServices for Students channel.

2. Click "Bill and Payment Information".

Link to Bill Pay and Tax Information

3.  Click "Authorized Users" under "My Profile Setup" on the right.

Link to add an Authorized User

4. A list of authorized users may appear.  If you would like to add a new user, click "Add Authorized User".

Link to Add a new authorized user

5. Enter the email address and select "Yes" or "No" to the authorizations below.  Once finished, click "Continue".

Enter authorized user email and answer questions regarding authorized user access

6. Read over the agreement.  Check the "I agree" box to agree to the terms.  Then click "Continue".

Read the agreement to add an authorized user

7. To edit or delete an Authorized User, in the Authorized Users tab, click the icon under "Action". Here you can edit, delete, or show the current agreement. 

Go back to Authorized users to edit, delete, or view authorized users