Cover Story: We See Tomorrow Campaign

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Campaign priorities

Youngstown State University and the YSU Foundation have launched the public phase of the historic $100 million “We See Tomorrow” fundraising campaign.

“We start the public phase of this campaign at a time of great momentum for the university,” President Jim Tressel said at a dinner in Stambaugh Auditorium to kick off the largest fundraising effort in YSU’s 109-year history. “But as important as that progress has been, it only sets the stage for much more to come.”

Tressel and Jocelyne Kollay Linsalata, Foundation chair, announced that the campaign has already surpassed the $50 million mark. The YSU Foundation is the official fundraising arm of YSU.

“YSU has long served as an economic, educational and cultural driver for the Mahoning Valley,” Linsalata said. “As we look to the future, the ‘We See Tomorrow’ campaign allows us to extend our influence across the country and around the globe.”

The campaign – which will fund projects ranging from a new Student Success Center to more student jobs and scholarships – sets the foundation for YSU for years to come. Below, YSU Magazine presents the human side of this great effort, the “faces” behind some top priorities of the campaign.

The Cover: Autumn Duncan of Youngstown ideally represents YSU’s capital campaign theme, “We See Tomorrow.” Photographed while studying in DeBartolo Hall on campus, Autumn is a YSU student through the College Credit Plus program – she’s earning college credit while still a senior at Liberty High School. She’s been accepted to start at YSU full-time in Fall 2018, with a scholarship, and plans to major in Biology or Pre-Med.

Student Success Center - Setting Students Up for Success from Day One

Mahoning Valley Innovation and Commercialization Center - Mahoning Valley Innovation and Commercialization Center

Scholarships and Student Work Opportunities - Campus Jobs Build Confidence and Independence

Classrooms of the Future - Learning Stretched Beyond Four Walls

The Rich Center for Autism - Help and Hope for Families Facing Autism