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Student Success Center

Setting Students Up for Success from Day One

Claire Berardini
Claire Berardini, associate provost for Student Success, explains the need for a new, centralized Student Success Center.

Claire Berardini has had a busy first three months on the YSU campus. As associate provost for Student Success, Berardini is working to ensure that every student has access to a vibrant learning environment with everything they need to succeed at YSU.

“It is important that we look at student success through the student’s eyes,” explained Berardini. “We want to focus on what the student needs, learn how they progress towards graduation and intentionally design the student experience to best support the student.”

This is where the Student Success Center comes in.

Raising money for the new Student Success Center is a priority in the university’s $100 million “We See Tomorrow” campaign.

While advancing YSU’s ability to attract students is at the core of the university’s mission, attracting students is just the first step; retaining students and seeing them through to graduation is key to stabilizing YSU enrollment to assure a viable student body.

“Student success is a university-wide responsibility, and requires strong partnerships across campus,” Berardini said.

The majority of the components of the Student Success Center already exist on campus, but in various locations that do not provide the synergy of a comprehensive student support center or the convenience for the students to find all these resources in one location. Tutorial services, academic advising, career services, health services, counseling services, a reading and study skills lab, to name a few, would all be brought together.

“The center will allow us to bring together services that really impact a student’s experience, all in a central location,” added Berardini. “Having the resources that will allow us to accomplish this is exciting. It will push us forward into a different conversation about how we define student success.”

The proposed center would be located in Jones Hall and Maag Library, with an enclosed pedestrian bridge linking the two buildings.