Personal & Group Web Services


  • In order to meet the growing need for individuals, departments, and organizations to develop their own public facing web servers and yet maintain the security required for the main YSU web server, ITS has deployed a system called cPanel.
  • Web services for individuals is commonly referred to as "People" or "".
  • Web services for groups, organizations, or individuals needing DNS services is commonly referred to as "Groupweb".
  • Users are responsible for maintaining the content in both People and Groupweb.
  • All web pages in People and Groupweb must be ADA compliant.



  • A key aspect of cPanel is built-in protection from cross-site malware infections. 
  • In the past, the main YSU server was host to web sites maintained by individuals, departments and organizations.  Due to repeated security breaches of the main YSU web server, starting in the summer of 2015 all personal and group web sites are being moved to the cPanel-based group services system.  Groups and individuals will be advised prior to their site being moved.  URL and access credentials should remain the same.

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