Past Winners: ITL Mini-Grant Program



  • Assessing and Ameliorating the (Negative) Impact of Stigma on College Experiences and Student Success; Ying (Joy) Tang, Sharon Stringer, Psychology

  • Assessing New Admission Graduate Counseling Students' Attitudes, Knowledge, and Skills for working with Suicidal Clients; Kristin Bruns, Christy McAllister, Chelsea Koteles, Kelsey DeMart, Counseling, School Psychology and Educational Leadership
  • Assessing Student Learning of Spinal Mobilization with Real-Time Objective Feedback; Ken Learman, Weiqing Ge, Physical Therapy
  • Improving Student Perceptions of Science through Planetarium Speaker Series; Tiffany Stone Wolbrecht, Physics & Astronomy
  • Step it Up!; Molly Burdette, CLASS Advising
  • Utilizing Immediate Feedback Assessment Technique (IF-AT); Cynthia Smotzer, Snjezana Balaz, Physics & Astronomy
  • ROAD Project Collaboration; Christine McCullough, Stephanie Smith, Jonathan Farris, RJ Thompson, Lillian Lewis, Dragana Crnjak, Art



  • Assessing the Effectiveness of Emotion Map in Improving Students' Emotional, Social and Academic Outcomes; Ying (Joy) Tang, Psychology
  • Communication Learning Outcomes in Engineering; Mike Ekoniak, Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Comparative Analysis of First Year Experience Courses in Health and Human Services; Nicolette Powe, Keisha T. Robinson, Karen Becker, Public Health, First Year Experience
  • Creating an Equitable Student Experience Through Student Conduct Processes; Kelly Beers, Avery Ware, Student Conduct
  • Incorporating a School Safety and Crisis Preparedness Curriculum within the School Psychology Program; Kathleen Aspiranti, School Psychology
  • Integrated Thoughts: Utilizing Technology for Specific Mindfulness Training to Lower Test Anxiety and Increase Understanding of Physics Concepts; Snjezana Balaz, Nicole Zayas, Physics and Astronomy, Social Work
  • Strategies for Teaching ADPIE in Dental Public Health: The Dental Hygienist's Role in Assessment, Diagnosis, Planning, Implementation and Evaluation for Community Program Planning; Ruth Palich, Dental Hygiene
  • The Effects of Cognitive Sensory Domains within Film Soundtrack Stimuli on Identified Frequency and Location of Music Characteristics; Daniel Keown, Dana School of Music



  • Evaluating the Effectiveness of Experiential Learning in SCWK 3737: Methods with Groups; Andrea Barrick, Social Work
  • Teacher Education in the Digital Age; Megan List, Lauren Cummins, and Gail Saunders-Smith, Teacher Education
  • Sweet Sixteen Assessment Committee; Sara Michaliszyn and Jennifer Pintar, Kinesology
  • Open Access Resources, Ohio's Changing Landscape in Higher Education; Julie Seitz and Lance Williams, Mathematics and Statistics/Math Assistance Center
  • The Cross-Pollinated Graphic Design Curricular Model; Robert Thompson and Michelle Nelson, Art
  • Enhancing Learning Through Innovative Technology; Lance Williams and Julie Seitz, Math Assistance Center/Mathematics and Statistics
  • Investigations into Under-Resourced Student Retention; Sherri Woods, Upward Bound



  • Evaluating the Effectiveness of Training in Mindfulness Meditation on Social Work Learning Outcomes; Mari Alschuler and Suzanne Goodyear, Social Work
  • Implementing and Assessing the “The Long Night Against Procrastination” Within the Writing Center; Carly Carcelli and Amanda Miller, Writing Center
  • Integrated Clinical Education Experience in a First Year DPT Program: Does This Model Impact Student Learning and Clinical Decision Making?; Cara Carramusa, Nancy Landgraff, and Suzanne Goiffre; Physical Therapy
  • Enhancing Learning in the Professional and Technical Writing Program through Partnerships with the Youngstown Business Incubator; Jay Gordon, English
  • Financial Awareness Week*; Melissa McKenney and Elaine Ruse, Financial Aid
  • Writing Assessment as a Service Project; Angela Messenger, Joe Palardy, and Tod Porter; Writing Center, General Education, and Economics
  • Improving the Evaluation of Oral Proficiency of Second Language Learners; Diana Palardy, Foreign Languages and English Language Institute
  • Evidence-Based Decision Making in Dental Hygiene: Introduction to Self-Assessment and Evaluation; Suzanne Smith, Health Professions
  • Assessing the Impact of PSYC 3777 (Cross-cultural Social Psychology) on Increasing Students’ Sociocultural and International Awareness; Joy Tang, Psychology
  • Development of Innovative Educational Approaches for Athletic Training Education Preceptors to Enhance the Clinical Education Experience for Millennial Learners; Jessica Wallace, Human Performance and Exercise Science



  • Energy Consumption Analysis and Optimum Cooling Solutions for Data Centers at YSU, Kyosung Choo, Mechanical Engineering
  • Assessing Student Retention and Satisfaction with the Use of Images versus Text in PowerPoint Lectures, Dana Davis, Social Work
  • Professional Certification Examination as an Independent Program Assessment Tool, Jeffrey Dick and Felicia Armstrong, Geological and Environmental Sciences
  • Assessing “No Zebras” Sexual Assault Prevention Program for YSU, Amanda Fehlbaum, Sociology; and Kevin Carmody, Student Life
  • Assessing Student Learning in a Cultural Competency Course in Doctor of Physical Therapy Program: Integrating Technologies in Active Learning Strategies, Weiqing Ge, Physical Therapy
  • The Impact of an Overhead Classroom Camera on Physical Therapy Students’ Psychomotor Performance Using Manual Therapy Techniques, David Griswold and Suzanne Giuffre, Physical Therapy
  • Slide Rules, Thomas Madsen, Mathematics and Statistics
  • Analytics Training, Karen Larwin, Educational Foundations, Research, Technology and Leadership
  • Ethics Bowl Pilot, Alan Tomhave, Philosophy
  • Scenario Simulation in Nursing: Innovative Training for Part-time Faculty, Nancy Wagner, Lori Fusco, and Marion Kalasky, Nursing

Faculty Learning Community Report (Partnership between the Office of Assessment and the Faculty Development Committee)

  • Improving Writing Productivity through A Faculty Learning Group*, Kathleen B. Aspiranti and Sara Michaliszyn



  • Pedagogical Training in Cultural Competence, Azadeh Block and Dennis Morawski, Social Work
  • The Global Perspectives: International Student Support Groups, Kyoung Mi Choi, Counseling; and Karen Becker, Reading and Study Skills
  • PenguinLink Upgrade, Jennifer Johnson, Career Services
  • Improved Learning Outcomes and Assessment in Technical Theater Classes, Ellen Jones, Theater and Dance
  • Faculty Training of Dental Radiograph Grading Improves Student Learning and Assessment, Diane Kandray, Health Professions
  • First-year Biology Students’ Perceptions of Writing Skills, Johanna Krontiris-Litowitz, Biology; Joe Palardy, General Education; and Sharon Stringer, Psychology
  • Student Response System Assessment, Ryan McNicholas, Campus Recreation; and Erin Driscoll, Student Activities
  • Financial Awareness Workshops, Elaine Ruse and Melissa McKenney, Financial Aid
  • Customizable Analytics-Driven Learning Management System, Robert Thompson, Art



  • Experiential Sampling Study: Measuring and Improving the Daily Well-being of Accounting Students - Marsha Huber, Dominic Jackett, and Wei Wang (UCF)
  • Extreme Makeover - YSU Edition (Revamp Tutor/Instructor Training) - Karen Becker
  • The Effectiveness of Video Clips on Nursing Students' Psychomotor Skills Acquisition, Self-Confidence, and Satisfaction with Learning - Amy Weaver, Lori Fusco, and Mary Shortreed
  • Assessment Across Multiple Applications: STUDY, Class-Specific Mobile Apps, and the Confusion Meter - Robert Thompson
  • FEPAC Self-Study: An Assessment of the Forensic Science Program - Robert Wardle and Michelle Guerrier
  • YSU BCOE Boot Camp - Crystal Hawthorne
  • Engineering Retention Program - Kerry Meyers
  • Dietetic Exam Simulation for Improved Pass Rate - Jeanine Mincher



  • Creation of a Curriculum Sheet Website - Bill Buckler
  • Minority Student Success in Baccalaureate Nursing Programs - Cheryl Bosley
  • Senior Student Skill Assessment with the FSAT - Susan Clutter and Rob Wardle
  • Development of a Faculty and Preceptor Orientation Program - Patty Hoyson and Mary Shortreed
  • Dietetic Exam Simulation for Improved Pass Rate - Sue Leson
  • Using Technology to Enhance Tutoring and Supplemental Instruction - Susan Mark-Sracic and Robin Sakonyi

Exploring Assessment of Social Media across Disciplines - three poster presentations:

  • Students to Use Social Media to Do Scientific Research, Jodie Krontiris-Litowitz
  • Design and Facilitation of Online Discussion to Enhance Learning Outcomes, Kendra Fowler
  • Assessing End User Engagement with a College Facebook Page by Post Type, Cary Wecht and Justin Edwards​
  • Interactive Blended Learning for Statistic Data Analysis in Rehabilitation Research- Weiqing Ge