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  • What do you do at orientation?

    Orientation is an interactive way for you to meet other YSU students, become familiar with campus services, and register for your classes with an academic advisor. The YSU Orientation staff is here to answer many of your questions and will give plenty of time for you to get what you need done before classes start. We will start the morning with students and guests all together, but for the most part the student and guest programs run separately.

  • Is orientation mandatory?
    • All first year undergraduate students are required to attend Orientation. It is not a requirement for parents or family members to attend with the student, but it is suggested. During the program, parents and family members will attend some sessions with their student, however, only the student will attend the advisement and registration session.
    • Parent/family member programming will address the issues and transitions students face as they begin their relationship with the University. Please be assured, we realize the importance of parental/family member presence in the students' college career and have designed sessions to meet those needs.
  • Do I have to register for orientation?

    You must register for Orientation. You can do so by completing the following steps:

    1. Go to Penguin Portal
    2. Log in with your username (received from Admissions) and the password you created. If you have not received your acceptance letter from admissions, you can contact them at 330-941-2000 to check on the status of that letter.
    3. Select the "Register for Orientation" under the “e-Services for Student” section in the top left hand corner of the Penguin Portal. This will walk you step by step through everything you need to do.
  • What do I need to bring with me?
    1. You need to know your USERNAME (provided by Admissions) and the PASSWORD you created in order to register for classes.
    2. Consider dressing in layers in case you find a room hot or cold - we never know what the weather will bring this time of year!
    3. Check that morning to see if you need an umbrella or boots.
    4. After you register for classes you will get your Student ID, so come ready for that picture!
  • Do I need to have completed/registered for my placement tests before orientation?

    All new students must have course placements for English Composition, Math, and Reading at least 72 hours before attending their Orientation session. You can locate all of this information regarding placement exams by contacting the Testing Center at testing@ysu.edu. You can also visit their website to learn more.

  • Where do I park?

    Parking has been reserved for you free of charge that day in the M81 lot (If you will be using a GPS, you can enter 241 W Scott Street Youngstown OH 44502 for the main lot entrance). All locations can be found on the Campus Map.

    Find directions to the YSU campus here here.

  • Where do I go once I get there?

    When you arrive at the M81 lot for parking, follow the directional signs leading you over to the in Kilcawley Center (Bldg. 16). Please refer to the Campus Map for specific locations.

  • Do I need to bring my parents?

    Bringing a guest to Orientation is up to each participant in the program. All guests, that accompany the admitted YSU student will participate in the Guest Program. We will start the morning with students and guests all together, but for the most part the student and guest programs run separately so please take this into consideration when choosing who to bring with you to Orientation.

  • How do I pay my tuition bill?
    • Students may pay their YSU bill online online through the Penguin Portal. The payment options are credit card, debit card, and electronic check. If a student is paying with a credit or debit card, there is a 2.75% convenience fee for each transaction.
    • Follow these instructions to pay your bill.
  • When do I meet with an advisor? Will there be an advisor to register for my classes?

    You will meet your advisor at a predetermined point in the day based on what small group you have been assigned. The academic advisor you meet with will help you register for your courses and you will leave Orientation with your schedule!

  • Do I have to attend if I am a CCP student?

    CCP students students are required to attend Orientation as there is important information regarding your new transition into YSU.

  • Is there lunch?

    There is lunch included in the new student as well as the guest program for the day. For both programs you will be guided to where you need to be for this included lunch. We will start the morning with students and guests all together, but for the most part the student and guest programs run separately and students and guests will dine separately.

  • Do transfer students attend Orientation?
    • Orientation is not mandatory for transfer students, however, it is strongly encouraged that students attend.
    • New transfer students will be invited to attend a half-day Orientation program, click here to learn more.
    • Online Orientation is also an option (for transfer students only).
    • All students Admitted with Restrictions (AR) must attend Orientation.
    • Transfer students should make an appointment with an academic advisor and register for classes prior to attending Orientation. Click here to find your academic advisor.
  • What are my student’s banking options while attending the YSU?

    card.pngYoungstown State University has approved PNC Bank as our official on campus bank for students. PNC has convenient on-campus locations, with ATMs located in Kilcawley Center (full service), Barnes and Noble Bookstore, and Meshel Hall, and a branch located within walking distance of campus on East Federal Street. However, students are free to use any bank that meets their financial needs. PNC will have representatives on campus during new student orientation. For additional information on the PNC Bank campus program, please visit www.pnc.com/ysu.