Motor Vehicle Guidelines

Vehicle Use and Insurance

YSU Travel Guidelines provide details concerning vehicle use. The guidelines can be found on the YSU Procurement Services website – Travel Services. 

MVR Check - Individuals who drive university-owned, rented or leased vehicles are required to submit an MVR form to the Department of Environmental Health and Safety. The Motor Vehicle Record check results determine driver insurability. All drivers must meet the insurability standards mutually set between the University and the insurance provider.

MVR Form  Allow three days for processing.


Insurance Coverage

University Owned Vehicles - Contact the Department of Environmental Health and Safety (x3700) whenever a vehicle is purchased or leased on a long-term basis. You will be asked to provide the following information: year, make and model, date of acquisition, amount paid or value, vehicle identification number (VIN), license number and if leased, the leasing agent. The department should also notify EHS whenever a vehicle is transferred to another department, sold or returned to the leasing agent.

Personal Vehicles Used for University Business - The vehicle owner’s insurance coverage is the primary coverage for auto physical damage and liability. The University’s coverage is secondary for liability coverage.

International Short-Term Vehicle Use - If a vehicle is rented on a short-term basis from a rental agency in a foreign country, the vehicle should be rented in the name of the University. If a driver’s name is required on the rental form, it should be entered as “Youngstown State University / (driver’s name).” Rental insurance should be purchased.