Chemical Management Center

Ward Beecher Hall

Chemical Management Center

Sean Giblin, Chemical Lab and Safety Specialist

Tim Styranec, Associate Director, EOHS

Phone: 330-941-3703 or 330-941-1327

Email: or


The Chemical Management Center goal is to help faculty and staff manage and use chemicals safely in academic research and teaching labs on campus.

All chemical orders are reviewed by the CMC before orders are sent to suppliers.

  1. The CMC helps the YSU campus community adhere to the Occupational Health Exposure Plan, namely the Chemical Hygiene Plan based on 29 CFR 1910.1450.
  2. The CMC also ensures compliance with CFATS(Chemical Facility Antiterrorism Standard)
  3. If you need to ship hazardous materials, please contact the CMC.
  4. The CMC ensures safe and environmentally disposal of hazardous waste per RCRA(Resource Conservation and Recovery Act)
  5. The CMC directs disposal of universal light(light bulbs and batteries)


The appropriate handling of chemicals is dictated by the Chemical Hygiene Plan.

YSU Rules for Labs with Chemicals

Instrumentation Rules

General Academic Lab Safety Guidelines

General Guidelines when working with flammables

It is the responsibility of each faculty and staff member, as well as students to know and follow the Chemical Hygiene Plan. No work is permitted in labs until a student has read and understood the lab safety and chemical hygiene plan.

Safety Data Sheets and Chemical Inventory


Safety data sheets are available for review in the lab, in the CMC, or at the Chemwatch site.  You must be on campus to login into Chemwatch. 

Please see this video for a tutorial.

The chemical inventory is also maintained by the CMC using Chemicalsafety.  For access please email Tim Styranec


Lab Safety Information



Battery/Light Bulb Pickup


Basic Lab Safety

Chemical Hygiene Training

Most training is now online at, but in person training is offered on as needed basis.

Please email Sean Giblin to get set up for basic lab safety and chemical hygiene training. 

Other training available includes:

Laser Safety

Biological Safety

XRD Safety

Please schedule with Tim Styranec by emailing

Training for CMC