Laboratory Dress Code at YSU

Dress code in a laboratory at YSU is as follows. All items are required. If you arrive at lab and are not dressed appropriately, you will not participate in lab and may receive a zero for that session.

  • Lab Coats
  • Safety Glasses
  • APPROPRIATE CLOTHING: Lab Coats, Long Pants and Closed Shoes are required. Choose sturdy shoes that cover the whole foot and protect from spills and broken glass. Wear a knee-length, long sleeve lab coat closed to protect skin & clothing. Coat sleeves must cover arms & shirts.
  • Wear long pants (or equivalent) to protect from spills & splash. No skin should be visible on the legs. Leggings and other "tight fitting" pants are highly discouraged. Remove loose jewelry; secure hair and clothing away from flames, equipment, and chemical contamination.