The Dean of Students and Title IX Coordinator work closely with on and off-campus partners to provide assistance to students who have experienced a recent or past sexual assault, stalking, dating violence, domestic violence, sexual exploitation, sexual harassment, sex/gender discrimination, pregnancy discrimination, or any related issue.

The Title IX Coordinator is the designated campus official that coordinates the response to anyone involved in a situation that may fall under Title IX regulations. If you have been involved in a potential Title IX incident, you are entitled to supportive measures which may include a no-contact order, a change in an academic schedule, alternative housing options, access to counseling, or other accommodations. Anyone who chooses to speak to the Title IX Coordinator will still generally have the option of whether or not they’d like to file a report (with the Title IX Coordinator or with the University police) or pursue any action (University or legal).

The Title IX Office is located in Tod Hall, room 301. Walk-ins are welcomed during regular business hours from 8:00am to 5:00pm Monday thru Friday but appointments are highly encouraged. If our door is closed, we may be in a meeting. Feel free to come back later or send an e-mail to

If you are concerned about speaking to the Title IX Coordinator or deputy coordinator and would prefer to speak to someone else on campus, you may choose to speak to whomever you feel most comfortable. However, most campus employees are required to report information about Title IX violations to the Title IX Coordinator. When this happens, the Title IX Coordinator will reach out to you to provide resources and support. You do not need to respond to the Title IX Coordinator or meet with them.

If a resource is labeled “confidential” they will not disclose any information provided to them, except at the victim’s request, to any other campus office or the police, including the TIXC.


On Campus


Off Campus (all resources are confidential)

  • Mercy Health-Wick Primary Care at YSU- 330 Wick Avenue; 330.747.4660; Walk-In Hours 9am-5pm or visit the Wick Primary Care webpage

  • Mercy Health- St. Elizabeth Youngstown Hospital- 1044 Belmont Ave, Youngstown; 330-746-7211; 24/7 emergency medical help

  • Mercy Health- St. Elizabeth Boardman Hospital- 8401 Market St, Youngstown; 330-729-2929; 24/7 emergency medical help

  • Mercy Health- St. Joseph Warren Hospital- 667 Eastland Ave, Warren; 330-841-4000; 24/7 emergency medical help

  • Employee Assistance Program (for University employees); 800.227.6007 or visit the Employee Assistance Program webpage

  • Compass Rape Crisis and Counseling Center- Location 535 Marmion Ave, Youngstown; 

  • 24-hour hotline at 330.782.5664 or visit the Rape Crisis Center webpage

  • Compass Sojourner House Domestic Violence Program- Location Youngstown; 330.747.4040 or 866.436.6269 (24/7 hotline) or visit the Sojourner House Domestic Violence webpage

  • Planned Parenthood Youngstown Health Center- 77 E. Midlothian Avenue; 330.788.2487 or visit the Planned Parenthood webpage

  • Rape, Abuse, & Incest National Network-