The Chemical Management Center (CMC) is the YSU source for receiving, storing and distributing chemicals campus-wide. It is also home to the central Hazardous Waste storage location for campus. The CMC provides support and guidance in helping to safely conduct laboratory work in compliance with environmental, health and safety regulations, policies and procedures. It is also a laboratory safety training resource for the campus community.  Applicable federal regulations can be found HERE.

Safety Data Sheets and Chemical Inventory


The CMC ensures that safety data sheets are made available for each chemical in your lab through an SDS repository SharePoint and in the Chemical Inventory System. Please contact the CMC to review or request physical, digital or updated SDS copies or files. The CMC also delivers the user a physical and/or email copy of the SDS to accompany chemical orders that are new to the lab.

The chemical inventory is maintained by the CMC using Chemical Safety Software. To request access or submit an inventory/surplus inquiry, please email

Waste Disposal

Used Batteries

Biohazard waste

Hazardous waste



Basic Lab Safety

Chemical Hygiene Training

Most training is now online at, but in person training is offered on as needed basis.

Please email Sean Giblin to get set up for basic lab safety and chemical hygiene training. 

Other training available includes:

Laser Safety

Fume hood use

Hazardous waste guide

Spill control

Moving Chemicals

Biological Safety

XRD Safety

Please schedule with Sean Giblin by emailing