Below are two applications, along with minimum qualifications, for high school students and YSU/transfer students who would like to become members of the Sokolov Honors College at Youngstown State University.

As a member of the Sokolov Honors College, students must complete:

  • 24 credit hours of honors-level courses by the time of graduation.
  • 60 hours of community service annually.
  • Campus engagement requirements.

These requirements are outlined in detail in acceptance letters, during orientation sessions, in the student handbook, and in the Intro to Honors seminar that all freshman honors students must take.

High School Students

We are now accepting applications for Spring and Fall 2023 entrance.

Minimum qualifications for membership and possible scholarships include:

  • An overall GPA of at least 3.5.
  • ACT score of at least 26, or an SAT score of at least 1240.

For the 2022-23 academic year, YSU applicants without a college entrance exam and a 3.5 or greater overall high school GPA are also encouraged to apply.

You must first apply to YSU as a first-time freshman before completing the Sokolov Honors College application. 

The Sokolov Honors College is no longer accepting applications for Fall 2022. Questions may be directed to

First-Time Freshman Application

Please consult the video below for instructions and tips on filing out the honors application.

CCP, Current and Transfer Students

Currently taking CCP classes? CCP students who have a 3.5 overall high school GPA and either a 26 or higher ACT composite score or SAT combined score of 1260 are eligible to participate in the College Credit Plus in Honors program. 

Check out additional details about our CCP in Honors program here

If you have already graduated high school and are a current full-time YSU student, you can apply for admission into the Sokolov Honors College if you have:

  • At least 12 credit hours of college-level study.
  • A cumulative GPA of at least a 3.4. 

Applications for current YSU students are still open for Fall 2022.


Transfer students must have:

  • At least 15 hours of college-level study accepted for credit at YSU.
  • A cumulative GPA of at least 3.4.

Applications for transfer students are still open for Fall 2022.


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