Impacting both the university and the business community, we offer academic programs, collaborative initiatives and internship opportunities that center around research in the STEM fields. Beyond traditional classroom learning, students apply their knowledge in laboratory and research settings to solve real-world challenges facing today's technology industries. In addition, both graduate and undergraduate students have access to high-end research facilities to build their expertise in operating precision laboratory instrumentation.

In short, our students are prepared for advanced research early in their academic careers and, along with faculty and industry partners, are making a difference in the economic development of Northeast Ohio.

Research Centers

YSU has seven instrumentation centers that support the research activities of our faculty and students.

Center for Advanced Materials Analysis. The center is equipped with electron microscopy laboratories and a facility for analysis of soft material surfaces.

Center of Excellence in Applied Chemical Biology. With highly skilled, research-active faculty and students who are making very significant contributions to the intellectual infrastructure of Northeastern Ohio, the center drives workforce development and provides broad-based technological expertise in chemical biology as a potential engine of economic development. We welcome opportunities for collaborative partnerships that actively engage regional, national or international biotech ventures.

Dr. Chet Cooper, Director

Center of Excellence in Materials Science and Engineering. The center is devoted to the preparation, advanced characterization and development of materials for enhanced educational and research experiences, as well as practical applications. It's distinguished by state-of-the-art materials characterization facilities, dedicated personnel and a strong commitment to collaborative initiatives toward fueling economic growth in the region.

Dr. Timothy Wagner, Director

Center for Transportation and Materials Engineering. A U.S. Department of Transportation Tier II research center, the CTME is concerned with the applications of materials in transportation and its theme of “Transportation: Mobility, Longevity and Sustainability.” It has several associated labs available to the materials research community at YSU, including the Strength of Materials and Structures Laboratory, Corrosion Lab and Chemical Vapor Deposition Lab.

Joann Esenwein, Director

Institute for Applied Topology. The institute promotes and facilitates topological research, education and application. This mission includes the growing and strengthening the topology group at Youngstown State University and its alliance with other topologists in the region and even abroad.

Dr. Stephen Rodabaugh, Director

National Additive Manufacturing Innovation Institute. The center strives for breakthrough research in enabling mass production of higher precision parts and more complex assemblies, using stronger and innovative new designs and new materials. Such technology development will help place the TechBelt Region at the forefront of next generation manufacturing innovation for years to come.

Michael Hripko

Natural Gas and Water Resources Institute. In addition to providing courses in science and engineering that lead to an academic minor, the institute offers research opportunities for industry focusing on the analysis of water used in the shale gas extraction process.

Dr. Jeffrey Dick, Director