Pre-Medical Track

Focus your bachelor's degree on your professional goals. Prepare for medical school through the Pre-Medical track of either the Biology or Chemistry major at Youngstown State.

What You'll Study

You know your future is in medicine, and you want your education to get you there as soon as possible. The Pre-Med tracks available through our Biology and Chemistry programs can get you there.

Work one-on-one with faculty to ensure you're taking the courses you'll need to enter medical school after you graduate. You'll build a strong foundation in the sciences but concentrate on a path that leads to becoming a medical professional.

Majors with Pre-Med Tracks

Internships and Jobs


  •  Self-employed, medical professionals
  •  Mayo Clinic
  •  OSU Veterinary Medical Center
  •  The NeuroLife Consortium


One More Thing

Class size is so important because that really determines the relationship you get to have with the professor. You need those relationships and recommendations when you're applying for medical school. I don’t compete for professors' time or for other research opportunities here like I had to at a larger university."

Alec Kalis, Class of 2017