Biology Major

You're on your way to becoming a medical professional, or maybe you're looking to work in a major research clinic after college. Either way, a degree in the biological sciences can launch your career.

What You'll Study

You're staring one of the most rewarding futures in the face. Because as a biology major, you study life. Humans, animals, plants, bacteria—they're your subject matter as you explore how they survive and interact within their worlds.

You'll examine organisms down to the cellular level, moving up to courses in genetics, human physiology, plant and animal diversity, and chemistry. Outside of class, you'll have the opportunity to work directly with faculty on research, conference presentations, published papers or your applications to medical school.

No matter what route you take after college—health care, environmental management and conservation, research, education—our Biology program leads to a solid foundation in life as we know it.

Master of Science in Biological Sciences available for this major. 

We offer both the Bachelor of Science and the Bachelor of Arts degree in Biology.

Is your goal to become a medical doctor or to work in other biotech professions? The Bachelor of Science will get you there. Our BA better suits students looking for a career in the corporate world or education.

Course Listing for BS Degree

Course Listing for BA Degree

Biology Major

  • Pre-Professional Tracks

    With a pre-professional track, you'll earn your degree in biology and work closely with a faculty member to make sure you fulfill all requirements for entrance into one of the following professional fields:

    • Dentistry
    • Forestry
    • Medicine
    • Osteopathy
    • Veterinary

  • BaccMed Track

    Focus your curriculum toward a solid education in the field of medicine.

    Course Listing

Internships and Jobs


  •  Mercy Health
  •  Riverside Methodist Hospital
  •  Merit Medical Systems, Inc.
  •  The Free Medical Clinic of Greater Cleveland
  •  Palmer College of Chiropractic
  •  Ohio EPA


  •  Mercy Health
  •  Aronex Pharmaceuticals
  •  MedSource
  •  University Hospitals of Cleveland
  •  Ohio EPA


One More Thing

"I transferred to YSU my sophomore year. The Biology department here definitely has a great faculty that cares about their students and wants to help them succeed."

Taylor Walczak, Class of 2016

Biology Major