Biochemistry Major

Join one of the newest degree programs to hit Youngstown State to study a field with up-and-coming research and opportunities.

What You'll Study

As a Biochemistry major, your job is to understand how life works. You'll study the complexity of life, investigating chemical processes that relate to all living organisms, and you'll prepare for a career that spans multiple industries, including healthcare, nutrition, forensics, pharmaceuticals, education and more.

Bringing together both the biological and chemical sciences, the major focuses in large part on laboratory studies. From hands-on instrumentation experiences in your labs to outside opportunities to assist faculty with original research or take part in a Research Experience for Undergraduate Students (REU), you'll be exposed to equipment and facilities as early as freshman year.


  • Biochemistry Major

    You'll earn a Bachelor of Science degree in Biochemistry through this major. If you're more interested in pursuing a Bachelor of Arts, there's also a Biochemistry track available through the traditional Chemistry program.

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