Graduate Program Review

The College of Graduate Studies remains actively engaged in program review as a mechanism for assessment and continuous improvement of our graduate programs as described in the Academic Program Enhancement and Effectiveness Initiative (APEEI). The college has a long history of program review and review of graduate programs remains a requirement of the Ohio Department of Higher Education and the Higher Learning Commission.

We have contracted with Gray Associates to conduct program review to evaluate all academic programs at Youngstown State University. Gray Associates works with higher education institutions to “…develop data-informed academic program strategies that maximize outcomes for students, institutions, and their constituencies.”

Program Review Schedule

New Programs will be reviewed and assigned an APEEI Rating (Continuous Improvement or Detailed Analysis) during the next five-year review after initially accepting students. Current programs will be reviewed and assigned an APEEI rating every five years. APEEI ratings will assigned during the following years: 2024-2025, 2029-2030, 2034-2035; 2039-2040, 2044-2045, 2049-2050, etc. APEEI ratings will be assigned by college deans in April of a rating year after consultation and with input from chairpersons and faculty. Final ratings will be assigned by the provost in early May of a rating year after considering input from college deans, chair persons, and faculty members.


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