Student Success Stories

Conditional admit students...

more than a number

Youngstown State University is an open access university that believes in the importance of educational opportunity. We demonstrate that belief by admitting students with ACT scores below 17 and giving those students academic support when they begin their academic career.

The Resch Academic Success Center staff meets with conditionally admitted students weekly during the semester to make sure they get off to a good start. Our staff works very closely in developing the academic and mindset skills needed to get a degree. And more importantly, we make deep connections with students making sure they know we care about their success.

We'd like to introduce you to just a few of our success stories. You'll see they are much more than a number!

  • Mark Jones

    Mark started out at YSU as a part of the Summer Bridge Program in 2007. Although he struggled initially, he continued to meet with his academic coach and turned into a stellar student! Mark graduated in 2012 with a degree in Social Work and was immediately employed as a probation office working with juvenile offenders. He then joined The Village Network and was quickly promoted to a clinical therapist working with both juveniles and their families. Mark decided to continue his academic career at YSU and received his master’s degree in Social Work Spring of 2017.

    Mark credits his success to his involvement with the Summer Bridge Program and the continued coaching by Mr. Bev. He also cites his experience as an employee at the Rec Center and his willingness to use the academic support offered at the Resch Academic Success Center. His advice to incoming students that are admitted conditionally?  “Make sure you study at least 3 hours every day and plan everything around school – it should be your first priority.  You are much more than a number!”

  • Justin Barker

    After serving in Afghanistan, veteran Justin Barker came to YSU in the fall of 2013 to pursue a degree in communications. He registered with Disability Services and began working weekly with Mike Greco, his academic coach. Mike says Justin struggled in his courses early and often, but he never gave up. He came to every meeting and always worked on what was discussed. Justin met the requirements of the conditional admit program and was released from the mandated weekly meeting but he elected to continue meeting with Mike. Justin stated that he liked the accountability and the emphasis on time management and study strategies.

     Justin began working for the Disability Services Office during the fall semester in 2015 and was the Resch Academic Success Center Success Street recipient after receiving a 3.76 GPA. His involvement with this office really awakened his inner advocate and he would tell all students with a disability to speak up and don’t be afraid to use the support provided!

    Justin graduated spring 2017 and is returning for grad school fall 2017 after being accepted into the communications program. Justin’s drive and persistence are commendable and yet another demonstration of a conditionally admitted student proving that he is more than a number.

  • Desiree Nieves

    Desiree’ started at YSU fall 2014 and is now a junior majoring in Exercise Science. She met weekly with her academic coach, Lori Marshall.  Lori said Desiree’ stands out because of her willingness to work hard and apply the strategies recommended. She was eager to do well and didn’t let the ACT score define who she was as a student. She currently has a 3.42 GPA. Now that’s a good number!