The Marion G. Resch Academic Success Center (RASC) is an academic support unit formed by the Division of Student Affairs in 1996 to provide a more financially efficient and collaborative manner of delivering related services to the students of Youngstown State University. At its inception, the Center combined four independently housed and separately operating units: First-Year Student Services, Adult Learner Services, Multicultural Student Services, and Student Tutorial Services. In nine years, with the addition of Academic Coaching Services, Supplemental Instruction Services, Orientation Services, and Disability Services, the Center has grown from four independent offices to eight coordinated services with collaborative and consistent intervention procedures and an on-line system for collecting and sharing student data. This consolidation has resulted in increased service to and retention of students. During the Center's first year of operation, staff provided 8,904 contact hours to 1,859 YSU students. In 2015-2016, with a staff of 14 professionals and over 100 student employees, the Center provided 39,122 hours of intensive contact to 3,613 students--a 269% increase in contact hours and a 326% increase in students served since the Center's inception.

In 2016, the Resch Academic Success Center moved from the division of Student Affairs to the division of Academic Affairs with Orientation and First Year Student Services becoming a separate department. Fall 2016, the Resch Academic Success Center introduced Carol Dweck’s Mindset Theory as a way to address the psychological obstacles that students often face. Tutors, SI leaders, and academic coaches were all trained to implement Mindset in their work with students. We have also provided many Mindset presentations to classes and faculty workshops to promote the growth mindset.

The Division of Institutional Effectiveness was created in 2018, which includes the Division of Student Success. The Resch Academic Success Center is recognized as a crucial part of student success providing both peer and professional academic support. Since the inception of the Resch Academic Success Center, data has consistently shown a positive impact on grades, course completion, and persistence for undergraduate students. See our Assessment page for more details.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Resch Academic Success Center is to provide resources and support to promote the academic success of all YSU students.

We promise to students that we will:

  • Create a welcoming and judgment-free environment
  • Help you discover new ways to learn
  • Foster opportunities to reflect on, and apply, what you have learned
  • Challenge you to be an active participant
  • Provide opportunities to engage with other students
  • Support you in applying your education to reach your goals

Learning Philosophy

We believe that all students can be successful through persistence, effort and a focus on learning.