Crime Prevention Updates

Help us in reducing crime by reporting any and all suspicious activity. If you see someone that doesn't look like he or she belongs on campus, let us know at campus extension 3527, or call us at: (330) 941-3527

Don't leave book bags and personal items unattended... Books/Book bags are one of the most commonly stolen items on campus. Please keep your books with you at all times especially around book buyback time. NEVER LEAVE THEM UNATTENDED!!

Thanks for making YSU a safe place to learn and work!


Sexual Assault and Rape Prevention

  • Walk confidently, directly, at a steady pace. A rapist looks for someone who appears vulnerable.
  • Wear clothes and shoes that give you freedom of movement. Don't burden yourself with too many packages or items.
  • If you think you're being followed, walk quickly to where there are lights and people. If a car appears to be following you, turn and walk in the opposite direction, or walk on the other side of the street.
  • Be careful when people stop and ask you for directions. Always reply from a distance, and never get too close to the car.
  • If you feel you're in danger, don't be reluctant to scream and run. Consider carrying a whistle or any type of noisemaker and don't be afraid to use it!
  • If you're in trouble, attract help from any way you can. Scream, yell for help, yell "FIRE!" or any other technique to attract people.
  • The rapist isn't after sex. Most have sexual relations available to them. Instead, the rapist uses sex as a violent way to express his anger.
  • Don't hitchhike or accept rides from persons that you do not know. Don't accept rides from anyone.
  • Stay in well lit areas.