2020 Strategic Plan Initiatives

Improving the Academic Success of Our Students

  1. Create an Enrollment Management Team
  2. Examine & Revise Admission/Retention Requirements
  3. Tighten and Improve Enforcement of Academic - Progress Policies
  4. Develop Freshman - Year Experience (Seminar or Bootcamp)
  5. Improve Orientation Processes and Programs
  6. Improve Course Completion Rates
  7. Create Early Warning Processes To Improve Student Success
  8. Align Advising Systems
  9. Support Faculty Development in Teaching and Learning


Attaining a More Defined Urban Research University Profile for YSU

  1. ProvideTechnical Support for Grantwriting
  2. Provide Training for Grant Management & Development
  3. Develop Comprehensive Startup - Packages Policy
  4. Expand Undergraduate Research Opportunities
  5. Create Opportunities for Interdisciplinary Collaboration
  6. Add/Implement Selected Graduate Programs
  7. Develop Marketing & Recruitment Strategies for Graduate Students & Selected Undergraduates
  8. Examine Admission Standards & Policies for Graduate Students
  9. Advance Centers of Excellence to Prominence


Managing University Resources Effectively

  1. Identify and Implement a New Approach to University Budgeting That Includes Cost - Benefit Analysis
  2. Align Budget Priorities with Strategic Priorities
  3. Create a Central Database to Support All Initiatives
  4. Systematically Review, Simplify, and Automate Business Processes
  5. Explore and Implement Shared Services as Needed
  6. Establish a Culture of Customer Service
  7. Establish Effective Communication Systems


Optimizing Collaborative Partnerships and Community engagement to Help Improve the Quality of Life in Our Region

  1. Offer Diverse Arts & Cultural Programming to Broaden Audience Demographics
  2. Establish Policies to Reduce Barriers to Partnerships
  3. Develop Strong Relationships with Regional Economic Development Agencies
  4. Increase Coordination/Communication Among Academic Units Related to Economic Development & Community Engagement
  5. Improve Communication Between Community Outreach Units & Academic Departments
  6. Develop a Task Group for Nonviolent Behavior & Community Safety