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eTutoring Services


What is an asynchronous consultation (eTutoring)?

When you cannot meet your consultant face-to-face for a tutoring session, the Writing Center staff can review your papers and send it back to you within two business days following your appointment time. The eTutoring service does not edit your paper completely, instead showing you useful suggestions and giving insightful comments as to how to improve your paper. This is different from a synchronous online consultation, where your consultant uses an online chat to tutor you in real time.


How does an asynchronous consultation work?

If you choose an eTutoring appointment, upload your paper (and preferably your instructor's directions) after making an appointment with the designated e-tutor. One of the trained writing consultants will be assigned to review your paper. Then, watch your email for notification that your appointment has been “modified” or that we have responded to your paper within two business days of your scheduled appointment. A blank Record of Visit form will be sent to your YSU email address. Please fill out this form and return it to as soon as possible.


Would I benefit from having an asynchronous consultation ?

This is especially useful for cyber learning students or long-distance commuters. If you cannot visit the Writing Center in person, you may still complete an asynchronous consultation with a member of the Writing Center staff. These sessions will be especially helpful for students who are comfortable with technology. All students also have the option of coming into the Writing Center or scheduling an online, real-time appointment where they can chat with a tutor.


When should I schedule my appointment?

Your appointment should be made at least two business days (defined as Monday through Friday) before you need the paper. Please leave enough time after receiving feedback to make changes to your paper before it is due.

Example: If the paper is due 9AM Monday morning and you schedule the appointment for 5:00PM on Wednesday, you
will receive the paper by Friday (2 business days after Wednesday) after 5:00PM. It is possible that we will get to your paper sooner. You do not need to do anything at 5:00PM on Wednesday. You may schedule the appointment for Wednesday at any time prior to Wednesday, but we will not see your paper until we prepare our schedule on Wednesday.


Helpful tips:

  • Allow yourself enough time to edit the document before turning it in.
  • Review the comments and changes made in the paper very carefully.
  • Remember to remove the mark-up on the document before e-mailing or printing the document.
  • Return your Record of Visit form as soon as possible. We can then email a copy of this form to your instructor if you choose.
  • Make a face-to-face or synchronous online appointment at the Writing Center, Maag Library, 171, if any of the comments or mark-up are confusing.

Making the e-tutoring appointment:

  1. Make an appointment for at least two business days before you need your paper on WCOnline,, with the tutor “Distance Edu Tutor.”
  2. Fill out all relevant information in the pop-up window. It is especially important for us to know what you would like to work on and a little about your assignment requirements since we will not be meeting face to face for further discussion. We will spend as much time as is needed to review your paper, so you only need to schedule a 15-minute appointment regardless of paper length.
  3. Once you click “Save Appointment,” you will be able to attach a file. Upload your paper and instructor’s directions if available.


Retrieving feedback:

  1. Two business days after your scheduled appointment, go back to your green appointment block on You will need to select “prev. week” to get back to the day for which your appointment was scheduled.
  2. After you click on the appointment, scroll to the bottom of the appointment window to see if your document is available. Notice this is also where you can “Attach a file.” if you forgot to during the appointment scheduling.
  3. Once you have received your document, review the comments and/or changes made.
  4. Consider completing the tasks suggested in the MS Word comment boxes on the right side of the document.


Reviewing feedback in MS Word:

  1. Click on the Review tab of MS Word to remove the document mark-up.
  2. Turn off Track Changes.
  3. Click Accept or Reject for each change made in the paper.
  4. Click Delete Comment to remove the comments on the essay.