For Instructors

Instructors have the opportunities to refer students, request workshops or consultant assistance in class, and recommend students for employment at the WC. In addition, instructors can encourage students to make up peer reviews at the Center. The WC coordinator, professional tutors, graduate students or select professional writing and editing undergraduates are also available to review faculty material via e-mail or a traditional face-to-face consultation. This includes dissertations, journal articles, and assignments.

As a special note to composition instructors, a student may make up his or her diagnostic writing sample in the WC during the first few weeks of the semester if the student is absent or late in adding the class.

Classroom visits or workshops

Instructors can schedule Writing Center consultant visits to the classroom for orientations or workshops. Workshops are great tools available for instructors to use in class to introduce or focus attention on a particular writing concept.

To request a workshop, contact Angela Messenger, WC coordinator, at 330-941-1781 or through e-mail Remember to schedule visits in a computer lab or classroom with a technology podium for demonstrations and WC registration purposes.


To refer a student to the WC for particular assistance with a writing assignment or objective, use the Starfish referral system for undergraduates. The "low grade for written work" goes to the WC Coordinator. She will lower the flag after communication has been made with the student. If a student requests to have a record of visit sent to you after a session, you can expect an e-mail after the consultation. Please add comments to the Starfish flag to best direct the WC on how to assist your student. If you have additional concerns, raise an additional flag or contact the WC Coordinator directly.



To recommend a student for employment at the WC, please contact the coordinator by phone or e-mail.

Instructor considerations

The Writing Center asks instructors who either require WC sessions or award extra credit for visits to keep the following in mind:

  • An ROV will only be sent to instructors if the student requests so on the form.
  • There may be a delay in forwarding ROVs during high traffic times (e.g., midterms and finals weeks), but students may request an unfinished but signed copy of the ROV at the end of their session to provide instant verification for their visit. A completed ROV will follow when finished.
  • ROVs are not provided for informal consultations, where a student contacts the WC with a brief question and does not work with a consultant for a substantial amount of time.
  • The WC appreciates any advanced notice of session requirements for large classes.
  • Consultations have limits, and students may not achieve perfect papers after even a few sessions.
  • Appointment time slots fill quickly, so encourage students to schedule well in advance of due dates to ensure session time.