What should I bring to a consultation?

For the most successful consultation, clients are encouraged to be prepared with the following:

  • Specific questions
  • The description of the assignment or prompt from the instructor
  • A hard copy of the paper/draft/outline/notes or an electronic copy that can be accessed during the session
  • A flash drive
  • The name and e-mail address of the instructor (if the client desires a copy of the Record of Visit to be e-mailed to the instructor)
  • Current or past rough drafts of papers with instructor comments/suggestions on them


What types of assignments should I bring to the Writing Center?

Writing Center consultants can help you with much more than just English papers. Feel free to bring in writing assignments received from any class in any discipline. We can advise papers, lab reports, résumés and cover letters, linguistics assignments, presentations, speeches, Microsoft Office programs, job or graduate school application essays and more.

You can receive help during any stage of the writing process. Bring your assignment in if you are having problems with your outline, rough draft, revised draft or final draft or if you need a peer review. We can even go over a variety of techniques for generating ideas if you are having a difficult time starting your paper or feel disconnected from it. Consultants are familiar with many writing styles, including APA, MLA, AP and Chicago, so you can also come in for assistance with referencing and citing sources.


What are the policies and procedures of the Writing Center?

The following policies and procedures exist to enable maximum access of our services to a maximum number of students in a fair and equitable manner.

We do not discuss assigned grades or instructors’ grading policies.

We may communicate with our clients’ instructors about their visits to the Center.

Clients may request that we notify their instructors of their visits to the Center usually via an e-mail copy of the Record of Visit Form.

Visiting the Center should never be a substitute for attending class.

We do not proofread/mark sentence-level errors in our clients’ writing. Instead, we use a handbook and/or handouts to help our clients become better editors of their own work.

We will give clients feedback and offer suggestions for their writing, but they are ultimately responsible for any writing they work on in the Center.

Appointments may be scheduled for 15, 30, or 45 minutes, although a 45-minute session is recommended. Consultants will take a walk-in client if a client with a scheduled appointment is more than five minutes late for a 15- or 30-minute appointment or more than ten minutes late for a 45-minute appointment.

Clients who miss 2 appointments or cancel 3 appointments may only use the Center on a walk-in basis for the rest of the semester.

To foster independence and to enable us to assist as many clients as possible, clients are limited to 2 sessions per week (one pre-scheduled appointment and one walk-in session or two walk-ins).

Occasionally an appointment may need to be switched to another consultant without notice; however, if the Center needs to change the time or length of an appointment, then the Center will phone the client.

Walk-in sessions begin as soon as a consultant is available and may end 10 minutes prior to the end of a consultant’s shift. We take walk-ins on a first-come, first-served basis. Walk-in sessions will be limited to 25 minutes if another client is waiting.

Our computers and printer are available to all students on a first-come, first-served basis; however, first priority is given to clients who need a computer during a session or consultants who need a computer for Center business.


Is the Writing Center open during finals week?

The WC has limited hours for finals week, and sessions are scheduled typically by appointment only. Hours during finals week vary each semester. In addition, the Writing Center is not open during the first week of the fall or spring semesters.


What is an ROV?

An ROV (Record of Visit) is a form that must be filled out electronically for each consultation by both the client and the consultant. The client fills out general information (name, date, e-mail address, etc.), information on the assignment to be discussed and whether or not he or she wants the instructor to be notified of the visit. The consultant records what happened during the consultation and writes revision suggestions on the ROV after each session.

Once the ROV is completed, the WC keeps it for its records and e-mails a copy to the client. Another copy is sent to the client's instructor if the client requested so on the form. Generally, it is a good idea to notify instructors of the visit so that they are aware of your extra effort and of the topics discussed during the session. Some instructors require notification.

Also, you may want to ask your consultant for a printed and signed copy of the ROV before leaving your session if WC visits count for class credit, as the WC sometimes might get backed up with ROV work during especially busy times of the semester.