My Physical For Class Or Employment

I need a physical and immunizations!


Where do I start?

Obtain a physical form from your department or faculty member.  You are strongly encouraged to see your family physician.  You may choose to have your physical exam completed at Wick Primary Care at YSU.  Physicals are free to current YSU students, and must be scheduled in advance by calling 330-747-4660. Wick Primary Care at YSU is located on the corner of Lincoln and Wick Avenues.

Stress Saving Tip:

Students who wait until the start of fall classes to schedule their physical exam at Wick Primary Care at YSU can expect a possible 2—4 week wait.  Be aware this may cause you stress in meeting your instructor’s set deadline.  Best advice—schedule a summer physical appointment.  It is recommended that you call early to schedule your summer physical date.

Several immunizations and a TB test may be required.

For your medical form to be fully completed, your program may require that you provide documentation that you have received the immunizations.  If you need to be immunized, your vaccinations may be scheduled in advance of your physical exam, given during your exam, or administered at a follow-up appointment. Your medical form will not be completed and released until ALL immunizations listed are documented.  Immunizations may be given by your family physician, at Wick Primary Care at YSU , the Health Department, or a local healthcare provider.  Prices may vary, as well as the vaccines available at each location.

Where do I find my past vaccination records?

Your family physician and your high school should have records of your immunization dates.  You must obtain a copy of these dates to bring with you to your physical exam.  If your physical exam will be completed at Wick Primary Care at YSU, your family physician or high school can fax your vaccination record to the Center at 330-747-4660.  Your parent may also have a record of your childhood vaccinations from your pediatrician’s office.

How do I schedule and pay for a TB Test and immunizations at Wick Primary Care at YSU?

  1. Call the Center at 330-747-4660 to schedule an appointment for your vaccinations.  Wick Primary Care at YSU offers several vaccines; however it does not offer the MMR.  [See ‘Shop Around’ below.] 
  2. You must pay in ADVANCE for your immunization shot or TB test before coming to your appointment.  Payment is not accepted at the Center. Visit the YSU Info and PC Lab, located on the upper level of Kilcawley Center, to pay your immunization fee[s]. Please pay by cash or check.  Credit cards are not accepted.  Pete’s Points may also be used to pay your immunization fees. You will be given a payment receipt. 
  3. Important:  Bring your immunization payment receipt with you to your appointment.  You must have the receipt to receive your shot! 
  4. The TB test [PPD/Mantoux], which is needed to prove that you are free from communicable tuberculosis, can be scheduled at Wick Primary Care at YSU for any day except Thursday.  You must return to the center two or three days later for the nurse to check your TB test.  Save time—schedule your TB test two or three days prior to your physical so that your arm can be checked during your exam.`

Shop Around

Immunizations prices may vary, as well as the vaccines offered by healthcare providers.  

  • Check immunizations offered by your family physician and if fees are covered by your family healthcare plan.  [If you purchased the YSU Student Health Insurance plan—immunizations are not covered.] 
  • The MMR vaccine is not offered at Wick Primary Care at YSU.  The MMR vaccine is given at the Mahoning County Health Department, located at 50 Westchester Drive, Youngstown.  For more information and directions call 330.270.2855, extension 125.  
  • The Youngstown City Health District is located at 345 Oak Hill Avenue in Youngstown.  Call 330.743.3333 extension 255 or 259 for more information.