Frequently Asked Questions

What services are available?

Health care is available for illness, injury, first aid, and routine health checks. Health screening tests, physical exams for sports and academic programs, gynecological exams, as well as consultations and referrals are provided. Allergy shots are also administered by appointment if serum and written instructions are provided by the student’s allergist. Flu shots and immunizations are also given; however, there are charges for these injections. Please call Wick Primary Care at YSU for details.

Where is Wick Primary Care at YSU located?

Wick Primary Care at YSU is located on the corner of Lincoln and Wick Avenues.

Is there a doctor on campus?

Licensed physicians and clinicians staff the Health Center forty (40)hours per week during the semester. Appointments are required for routine visits and physicals. Students must call 330-747-4660 to schedule an appointment. The Wick clinic also provides walk-in care for more acute clinical needs. The Walk-In clinic is also open Monday-Friday, year round.   

Who can use Wick Primary Care at YSU?

Students taking a minimum of one class on YSU’s main campus will be assessed the Student Health Center fee of $34.00 each semester and will have full use of the services at Wick Primary Care. Access to Wick Primary Care reduces a student’s out-of-pocket cost associated with individual or family health care plans. Students can be seen without a co-pay while covered by the Student Heath Center Fee.

Note: Students enrolled in an on-line program and taking classes strictly on-line, will have the opportunity to purchase access to the Student Health Center at $34.00 per semester. This fee can be paid at this webpage.

Students in the following programs are not eligible for the services provided with the Student Health Center Fee: Youngstown Early College (YEC) | College Credit Plus (CCP) | Workshops | English Learning Institute (ELI) | and Sixty Plus. However, they may use Wick Primary Care using their own insurance or other methods of payment.

All Are Welcome. YSU Faculty and Staff and others may use the services at Wick Primary Care using their own insurance or other methods of payment.

What’s the office fee?

Office visits are free! Students do not need to have student health insurance to use Wick Primary Care at YSU.

Who gets to know?

Student records are kept strictly confidential. Information cannot be released to anyone, including parents, faculty, and YSU administration without the written consent of the student. Certain public health diseases, however, must be reported to the Department of Health as required by law.

What should I bring with me to the appointment?

At the appointment, you will need your license, student ID and Insurance card if applicable. There is no fee for student office visit, but if you are in need of services outside of those offered free for students, those services will be billed to your insurance. Know your network and copay information.  See services provided page.