Program Components

After School Instructional Tutoring: Assists students with reaching and maintaining the required grade point averages and grades. AST also helps to develop study skills necessary for college success. Assistance is provided in Math, Science, English and Foreign Language. Time Commitment: 3:00 - 5:00 P.M. Monday & Wednesday at East High School and Tuesday & Thursday at Chaney High School. All students are required to attend at least 1 day per week. Students with a low GPA or grades will be required to attend 2 days per week.

Saturday Enrichment: The Saturday Enrichment Program offers hands-on experiences that emphasize concepts learned in the classroom. These classes complement student’s high school curriculum. Students will also participate in Community and Cultural Events, as well as College Visits. Time Commitment: 2 Saturday mornings a month. Some cultural, social and academic events my be scheduled during the week instead of on Saturday morning.

Academic Intervention: Program Coordinators meet with participants as scheduled to discuss current needs and to monitor academic progress. The focus of the sessions are specific to grade level. Time Commitment: up to 2 times a month or more as determined by student’s need.

Summer Residential Program (9, 10, 11 graders): The 6-week Summer Residential Program supplements a participant’s high school experience with intense academic instruction provided in Math, Laboratory Science, English, and Foreign Language. Cultural, social and volunteer activities promote self and cultural awareness in an environment that allows students to live, study, and dine in a college campus community. Time Commitment: 6 weeks - Mid June to Late July, Monday-Friday - transportation home is provided.

ACT Prep (11th grade graders only): is provided through the Summer College/Occupational Preview Experience (SCOPE) program. This course is designed to assist students in achieving their personal best on the ACT exam. Students are exposed to efficient test-taking strategies, as well as specific question types found on the ACT. Practice tests will assist students in discovering weak areas and how to overcome them. Time Commitment: Thursdays; January through April on the campus of YSU. Contact Kassey Nall (link sends e-mail) by email or at (330) 941-2893 for more information.