Tech Academy

Competition is fierce amongst IT candidates and Youngstown State University is focusing on 
homegrown talent. The YSU Information Technology major produces highly intelligent, skillful 
graduates ready to excel in the IT field. 

The IT tech academy will further enhance career-readiness by giving students the opportunity 
to engage in high impact practical experience and application of what they are learning in the 
classroom. During the 4 years students will work and gain experience in the following areas: 

  • Year 1-Customer Service and Support at the Service Desk,
  • Year 2-Customer Service in Field Services, 
  • Year 3 & 4-Choice of IT Specialty
  • Application Services

    YSU IT Application Services staff is responsible for creating and implementing the applications that serve the university core business. The right applications allow us to be innovative, more productive and competitive with other universities. 
    The expertise necessary to create and implement applications requires a department to employ programmers, business analysts, database administrators, quality assurance testers, and other professionals. These employees eventually gain extensive business knowledge and become valuable to other departments outside IT.

  • Customer Services

    YSU IT Customer Services staff provides support for all campus personnel: Faculty, Staff and Students. This might entail installing new software or hardware, training on technical issues and troubleshooting problems with an individual's computer.    Both, lead and participate in contract negotiations with vendors for acquisition, ongoing maintenance and/or services related to server and network hardware, software, and third-party services to most efficiently meet the needs of YSU end-users including all students, faculty, and staff.

    IT Service Desk: The YSU IT Service Desk serves as initial contact for over 15,000 students, faculty and staff, providing first level technical support for PCs (both Windows and Mac based systems), software, printers, smart phones and tablets. We assist with installing academic software, configuring devices to connect to the YSU network as well as resolving technology-related questions and problems to remove obstacles that impede academic progress on a first contact basis.  

    IT Campus Technology Support (CTS): The YSU, IT CTS staff implements and supports academic/administrative technologies (computing and audio visual software, systems, services and environments) on site and remotely. Specifically, supports Classroom Technology, Webex Classrooms, and Loaner Equipment

  • CyberLearning

    YSU’s CyberLearning staff supports a variety of accredited degree programs for both bachelor's and master's students in fully online, convenient formats. This department supports both students and faculty
    Our goal for online learner is to support and assist, in order to attain gainful employment. Our goal for faculty is to support and assist in the creation, delivery, training, and student support as relates to teaching online learners.

  • Cyber Security

    YSU IT Security staff educates campus to appropriately manage risks.  The staff monitor YSU’s computer network for security risks and take appropriate steps to remediate these risks.  They ensure security measures are in place, and software is monitored to protect systems and infrastructure, this includes firewalls and data encryption programs.

  • Networking, Server/Cloud Configuration - IT Infrastructure

    YSU IT Infrastructure Services is comprised of two teams, Systems Services and Network Services, responsible for providing reliable and secure connectivity and computing.  Both, lead and participate in contract negotiations with vendors for acquisition, ongoing maintenance and/or services related to server and network hardware, software, and third-party services to most efficiently meet the needs of YSU end-users including all students, faculty, and staff.
     IT Systems Services staff are primarily responsible for engineering, administration, and maintenance of YSU physical and virtual servers, storage arrays, applications, backups, and data center components such as uninterruptable power supplies (UPS) and specific cooling requirements.  Additionally, they provide administration and support of many campus-wide services such as e-mail through Microsoft Office 365. 
    IT Network Services staff are responsible for engineering, administration, and maintenance of YSU fiber-optic network, Ethernet network cabling, VLANs, firewalls, routing, switching, VOIP, and wireless coverage.  They also provide advanced, proactive monitoring of network connectivity and throughout to ensure stable operating environment.

  • Training Services

    YSU IT Training staff create, plan, and run training programs for campus faculty, staff and students. They assess the needs of the campus community then develop custom training programs that may take place online, in classrooms, or by written or video recorded instructions. They support implementation of university core business applications and technology procedures by providing workshops, videos, and documentation.  
    Effective training personnel should possess strong written and verbal communication skills, adept at listening, questioning, explaining and giving feedback regarding customer adoption of technology. They need to be prepared for the unexpected with knowledge of system functions and business needs and able to adapt during a training session.   

Students will complete a series of career goals each semester and in the third and fourth years 
of the academy work with a senior staff mentor in their chosen specialty.

Applications accepted from:

  • Incoming Freshman (apply during their senior year of high school)
  • First-year students (apply prior to the start of each semester)
  • Transfer students (restrictions apply, must be a freshman or sophomore)

Please note, we will not consider new applicants until December 2022.

Admittance to the Academy is limited so act quickly to apply! TECH Academy candidates must 
want to pursue a career in Information Technology, regardless of major.

For additional details please download the Tech Academy Brochure*