ID, Parking, Portal, and Starfish

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Activate a New Account

  1. Click Forgot password? let's get a new one.

    The Penguin Portal Page with an arrow pointing to 'Forgot password? let's get a new one.'

  2. Click the Activate New Account.

    Password Self Service Option Page

Access the YSU Portal

  1. Click the Log In button under the MY YSU.

    The Penguin Portal Page with an arrow pointing to MY YSU log in button

  2. Enter Username and Password into the Secure Access Login.

    My YSU login page

  3. Your Banner ID is shown at the top of page.

    My YSU page

Personal Information

To view or change your personal information in Banner.

  1. Click the Banner Self Service link under the Faculty/Staff tab.

    E-Services for Faculty and Staff sidebar

  2. Select the Personal Information link.

    Personal Information Main Menu

  3. Then Select the View/Update Faculty & Staff Directory Information.

    Personal Information

  4. Information can be updated for Banner.

    Update YSU Directory

Parking Permit

  1. To Register for a Parking Permit, Go to your MY YSU page. Then click on Request Parking Permit.

    My YSU page with an arrow pointing to the request parking pass

  2. Select Register/Purchase to Request a parking pass.

    Campus Automobile Registration System

Starfish Early Alert

  1. Select the Starfish Link in your e-Service menu.

    Starfish is on the E-Services for Faculty and Staff sidebar

  2. Here you can see all your students and information.


  3. Click on a student to get more information about that student.

    Starfish Student info


  • Blackboard Overview – 8/23 @ 3:00
  • Starfish - Online Video
    • Five Minutes to Learn about Early Alert
    • How to Take Attendance
    • Respond to a Progress Survey
  • Starfish – Hands-on Demonstration 9/8 & 9/29 @ 3:00
  • Visit Register for Training

Rosalyn Donaldson
Manager, Training & Development