Student Outreach and Support


The Office of Student Outreach & Support and the CARE (Concern – Assessment – Referral – Education) Team are in place to address issues that may impede a student’s success at YSU or, in extreme cases, pose a threat to the safety of the student or any member of our campus.    

We accept (and encourage) referrals from students, their families, faculty, staff, and the surrounding community with the goal of providing outreach, guidance, and assistance to students.  Faculty and staff are especially encouraged to report any problematic, disruptive, or anti-social behavior.  These behaviors might not appear significant in isolation, but may trigger concern if combined with reports from other sources.  If in doubt, please submit a referral so that we can help. Access the Person of Concern Referral Form here.

The Office of Student Outreach & Support also serves as the primary point of contact for students (or their families) who need assistance during illness and/or hospitalization for both physical and mental health issues.  Access the Request for Medical Leave form here.

All members of the YSU community have the responsibility to report any situation that could possibly result in harm to anyone at YSU.  It is important, however, to understand that the role of SOS/CARE should not be confused with crisis management.  In a “crisis” situation, a person poses an active or immediate risk of violence to self or others.  In these cases, the YSU Police Department should be contacted IMMEDIATELY at 330-941-3527 (or dial 911 from a campus phone).

Dr. Nicole Kent-Strollo

Dr. Nicole Kent-Strollo
Director, Student Outreach & Support
Division of Student Experience
Kilcawley Center 2101
330-941-4721 (Office)