Student Web Time Entry Instructions

You must open your timesheet on your first day worked and submit it on your last day worked.

Where is my timesheet?

  1. Access the Penguin Portal from the YSU home page.
  2. Enter your username and password to login to the portal.
  3. In the portal, click Banner Self-Service

If you have forgotten your password or it is your first time accessing The Penguin Portal, go to Penguin Portal and click Forgotten Password/ Password Reset.

Complete Your Timesheet

Click the Employee Tab in Banner Self-Service. Choose Time Sheet from the Employee options.

  1. Choose the time sheet to record your hours worked by clicking the My Choice radio button to select a position. If you only have one position, My Choice will be selected for you.
  2. Click on the drop down arrow to display list of the available Pay Periods. Choose the current period.
  3. Click Time Sheet to enter the time sheet.
  4. Click Enter Hours to record time/hours on days you work. This will open the Time In and Out page to record your In and Out time.
  5. Enter time at intervals of 15 minutes. For example, 10:00, 10:15, 10:30, 10:45.
  6. Do not modify the SHIFT entry. Your shift is always 1. Enter several In/Out combinations in one day if necessary. Click Add New Line if Time In/Out exceed five entries.
  7. Select Save to display Total Hours. The time sheet adds the total hours from the Time In/Out intervals entered.
  8. To return to the time sheet, click Time Sheet.
  9. Repeat these steps for each date you worked or use the Copy option if your Time In/Out is the same each day.

Copy Time to Multiple Dates

Copy your time into multiple dates only if the Time In/Out is the same.

  1. Save a Time In/Out entry, then click Copy to display the Copy Time page.
  2. Click each date to copy time into
  3. Click Copy to copy time entered into the selected or all dates.
  4. Click Time Sheet after copying time to return to the Time Sheet


Preview Time Sheet

  1. Click Preview in time sheet to verify that the dates and times are accurate.
  2. Click Previous Menu or Time Sheet to return to the time sheet

Submit for Approval (Set a PIN* prior to this step)

Click Submit for Approval button on the timesheet.

  1. Enter your PIN.
  2. Click Submit to send the time sheet for approval. *See the PIN & Security Question document.

WARNING: If you do not submit your time sheet, there may be a delay in your pay!

Correct Errors

Corrections can be made before you submit your timesheet or before it is approved by your supervisor. Click Return Time to pull your time sheet back for corrections if you have submitted it in error.

  1. Remove Time Entries
    1. Click on the number displayed in the columns to open the Time In/Out page.
    2. Enter the new hours in the Time In/Out blocks or remove the entries.
    3. Click Save after your changes have been made
  2. Restart Time Entries
    Choosing Restart will eliminate every time entry.
    1. Click Restart to remove all time entered and reset every entry field to “Enter Hours”. The Restart Confirmation page is displayed prior to the restart.
    2. Click Submit to clear your time sheet or Cancel to return without removing all of the time entered.

Exit Self-Service

Please close your Self-Service by closing the window or browser tab.

*Please see the Change PIN and Security Question –OSI (one sheet instructions) for information on establishing a PIN for the first time.