Board Positions

We are seeking students committed to upholding the values of Youngstown State University to serve as hearing board members in a variety of capacities. Students who serve on these boards have the opportunity to network with a variety of people across campus, develop analytical and critical thinking skills, and serve the campus in a very important leadership role. Students interested in serving as a hearing board member must first apply to the Student Conduct Board, as described below. By gaining membership to this board and completing the required training, student board members are then eligible to serve on the Academic Grievance Committee and other hearing boards, as explained below.

Student Conduct Board

The Student Conduct Board is a hearing body composed of faculty, staff, and students who serve as members of hearing panels in order to determine the appropriate resolution of alleged violations of The Student Code of Conduct and to recommend sanctions as appropriate. Members of the Student Conduct Board will work to provide learning experiences for those who participate in the student conduct process and will foster ethical development and personal accountability in our students.


  • Students must have a minimum GPA of 2.5 for undergraduate students and 3.0 for graduate students.
  • Students must not have a previous student conduct record.
  • Students should be sophomore status or above.
  • Students must have a strong personal commitment to integrity, honesty, and civility.
  • Students must maintain confidentiality in regard to all information related to a student conduct case.

Academic Grievance Committee

Students serving on the Academic Grievance Committee will hear cases regarding alleged violations of the academic integrity policy, as defined in The Student Code of Conduct Article III. 1. Students serving on this committee may also hear cases wherein a student has filed an academic grievance against a faculty member. Academic grievances provide a process for students to express concern with a class or grade that has been unresolved after discussion with the faculty member, chairperson and dean. 

Student members of the Academic Grievance Committee are selected from those who have already gained membership on the Student Conduct Board. One (1) undergraduate and (1) graduate student will be selected to represent each of the six (6) colleges.

Additional Hearing Opportunities

Additionally, as a member of the Student Conduct Board, students may be selected to assist with other types of hearings on an as-needed basis. Hearings may involve any number of university or departmental policies. As individuals who have been trained to understand the university hearing process, the components of due process, the proper way to question individuals, and how to weigh information in the decision making process, Student Conduct Board members are an important part of the overall functioning of the University community.


The link to the application can be found on this webpage, in the upper right corner. Questions may be directed to 330.941.4704.

Student Conduct Board Member Application for Student Members of the Board