Guidelines and Responsibilities



Definition of Student Organization Meetings and Events

  1. An organization meeting is the use of a conference room for the purpose of promoting the organization and their core mission. In addition to weekly meetings, organizations can schedule activities such as recruitment, ceremonies, and conferences for the purpose of advancing the organization mission.
  2. An organization “social” event is any form of entertainment scheduled to end after 8:00 P.M. The event is defined by interactive activities including, but not limited to social mixers, parties, dances, concerts, shows of any type, and other events that guests are active participants. Social events are for YSU students only.
  3. An organization event may include, but is not limited to dinners, lectures, speakers, recitals and other reserved events.
  4. Determination of the category an event falls into is made by Kilcawley Center staff.

General Guidelines for Reserving Rooms for Meetings and Events

Guidelines must be adhered to by student organizations. However, an exception to the guidelines may be requested for special events by submitting a written request to the Associate Director of Kilcawley Center three weeks in advance of the event. All details for consideration of amending the guidelines must be included. A determination and response will be provided in a timely manner.

  1. Student Organizations must be registered with their current information, which includes an active advisor. Failing to keep the organization registered and active results in loss of reservation privileges.
  2. No fees are charged to the organization for the room or equipment, but the organization is responsible for police fees associated with events. See Planning, Security and Police Fee Guidelines.
  3. The organization President or a designated member must fill out a Kilcawley Meeting Room Request Form, completely. If information is omitted or incorrect, Kilcawley Center will attempt to contact the organization, but it is the group’s sole responsibility to provide complete and accurate information to avoid delaying processing of the reservation.
  4. Student Organizations are limited to use of the Chestnut or the Ohio Room a total of two times per semester. Requests for use of Peaberry’s must be approved by the Director of Kilcawley and be submitted three weeks in advance of the requested date.
  5. Student Organizations may request specific rooms for an event, but Kilcawley Center reserves the right to assign rooms that best fit the needs of the request and for building operations as determined by Kilcawley Center Staff.
  6. Social events are open to YSU students only and a photo ID must be presented. No student under the age of 18 will be admitted.
  7. Social events cannot have any involvement or co-sponsorship by non-University groups or advertised off campus by fliers, news media or electronic communications.
  8. The request to reserve space for a social event should be made 30 days in advance of the requested date. Kilcawley Center may request that the organization and advisor attend a pre-event planning meeting with the police (if applicable) and Kilcawley staff, 21 days prior to event date. Written request and justification for exceptions to deadlines can be made to the Associate Director of Kilcawley Center. A granted exception to the deadline does not constitute precedence. Organizations are responsible to meet deadlines. Kilcawley Center reserves the right to place events on hold or to cancel if guidelines are not followed.
  9. No events will be scheduled beyond normal business hours and will end a half hour before building closing. Monday – Thursday, events will end at 10:30 pm. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday events will end at 9:30 pm. It is the responsibility of the organization to end the event promptly.
  10. Kilcawley Center and University Police reserve the right to deny admittance or to remove students or guests from an event. The reasons for denying admittance or removal may include, but are not limited to, maximum room capacities, failure to present identification, failure to respond to directions by University personnel, intoxication, incoherent behavior, aggressive behavior/language and violations related to “The Code of Student Rights, Responsibilities, and Conduct” and University policies.

Planning, Security and Police Fee Guidelines

Kilcawley Center suggests that organizations seek out other organizations and University departments to co-sponsor social events to defray the cost, particularly with large events. The organization will pay all police fees. The number of officers needed for each event is determined by the YSU Police Department.

  1. The organization must schedule a social event planning meeting with Kilcawley Center Staff. The meeting agenda will be a discussion about the event and collection of information. Event day procedures and responsibilities will be confirmed at the meeting.
  2. The organization is responsible for all associated Police fees. The fees will be collected by Kilcawley Center Staff Office no later than 14 days in advance of the event date. No event will be confirmed until Police fees are paid. The event is considered canceled if the deadline is missed.

  3. Groups should not advertise events until all procedural requirements are met and fees are paid. Kilcawley Center reserves the right to cancel the reservation if it is advertised without confirmation of event.
  4. Police fees are non-refundable if the organization cancels the event 48 hours prior to the event time or the organization does not inform Kilcawley Center the event is canceled. Request to cancel an event must be done by e-mail or delivered in a memo to the Reservation office. The group will receive an acknowledgement of the cancelation.
  5. Kilcawley Center and the University Police reserve the right to use metal detectors and other measures to insure safety of event participants.

General Guidelines for Room Usage

  1. Organizations must respond to directions from University staff, which includes Student Supervisors. Events may be interrupted for non-compliance to directions.
  2. The reservation of any facility or equipment includes the assumption of total responsibility for any negligent damage. A repair fee may be accessed if negligence is determined. Negligent damage includes damage to equipment, furniture, floors, carpet, walls and electrical systems. The organization must report damage and how it occurred.
  3. Organizations are permitted to bring food or drinks that have been purchased in Kilcawley to meeting rooms or events, but are not permitted to bring food or drinks purchased off campus. Food service should be arranged through catering services. Request for The Hub to extend business hours for cash sales must be made at the time of the reservation. Alcohol sales must be requested and approved by the Director of Kilcawley Center. The organization may be subject to fees for cash sales in The Hub. The fee is $50 and refundable if event sales exceed $300.
  4. Devices and items that produce smoke, vapors, fog, flames or fumes are prohibited. The burning of candles is expressly prohibited unless associated with banquet events and safety measures are met. The organization must request permission for the use of candles on tables prior to the event.
  5. Events may be advertised on approved bulletin boards on campus, easels in Kilcawley Center, arcade hallways or the Jambar. Posting advertisements on doors and walls is prohibited. Table fliers are not encouraged because tables are cleaned off nightly. Student social events should not be advertised off campus. The event may be subject to cancelation if guidelines are not followed.
  6. The sponsoring organization is responsible for the control of the event and the behavior of organization members, guests, bands and DJ’s and for any illegal acts. The organization officers are responsible for compliance with University policies and “The Code of Student Rights, Responsibilities and Conduct”.
  7. The Code applies to all students and organizations. Violations are subject to disciplinary actions. No illegal drugs/alcohol will be permitted on the premises.
  8. Kilcawley Center accepts no responsibility due to loss, theft or damage for materials or equipment brought into Kilcawley Center by the organization. Set up of equipment not supplied by the University must be done during time reserved.
  9. Decorations are permitted, but need prior approval and must be removed at the conclusion of the event. Taping or adhering items to the walls, windows, door jams or the ceiling grids/tiles in Kilcawley Center spaces is prohibited.
  10. Kilcawley Center must be notified prior to the event if it is canceled. Cancelation fees or a restriction of privileges may be applied. Be considerate and cancel events in a timely manner.

Guidelines for room usage on Sundays

  1. Rooms are available to be booked on Sundays from 12:30pm – 9:30pm. The Chestnut Room is not available, but special requests can be made at least a month in advance to the Associate Director of Kilcawley Center.
  2. Holidays:
    1. Kilcawley Center will not be open on certain Sundays during the Fall and Spring semesters
      1. Labor Day (observed on Mondays)
      2. Veterans Day (observed on Mondays)
      3. Sunday after Thanksgiving
      4. Sunday before Spring Break
      5. Martin Luther King, Jr. (observed on Mondays)
      6. Sundays before the start of each semester (Reservations begin the Sunday after the first day of classes)