How to Start A Student Organization

It’s very easy to start a new student organization on campus. Students may form a registered student organization for just about any purpose. Once you have officially completed the necessary paperwork with the Student Activities Office, there are many privileges and services available to your registered student organization.

Benefits of a registered student organization include:

  • Use of University facilities, such as Kilcawley Center’s meeting rooms.
  • Assistance of faculty/staff advisor(s).
  • Access to University funding.
  • A mailbox in the Student Activities office.
  • Programming...inviting guests and speakers to the University.
  • Access to University publicity.
  • Can apply for office space in Kilcawley Center.
  • Permission to solicit or raise funds at the University upon Student Activities approval.
  • Use of the services of the Student Activities Office.

A group shall become an organization when formally registered by the University. All groups which meet the following requirements may be registered:

Complete a “Student Organization Registration Form” with the Student Activities Office. The application must include a list of five students and at least one advisor. Students must be currently enrolled and intend on being active members of the organization. Officers listed must be in good standing and registered for 8 or more semester hours. The signatures of the president and advisor(s) of the organization are required.

Provide the Student Activities Office with a copy of a basic constitution and by-laws for the organization. (Don’t panic...we’ll provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to write up a simple constitution and bylaws!)

Secure a faculty or staff member to serve as advisor. Appointed annually by the Director of Student Activities, the advisor agrees to maintain contact with the organization and to be familiar with its programs and personnel. (A list of specific responsibilities is available from the Student Activities Office.)

The registration process for forming student organizations is a breeze! Contacting the Student Activities Office, located on the upper level of Kilcawley, should be the first step you take towards officially forming a new student organization. We can help you start up an organization, be your friend for life and assist you in how to...

  • Complete the registration process.
  • Identify students interested in your organization.
  • Secure an advisor (List available).
  • Understand the University policies and procedures that affect student organizations.
  • Understand University funding for student organizations and other privileges.
  • Set up an organization meeting.
  • Publicize your organization.

All it takes is a few students to get the ball rolling. Once you’ve begun having meetings, recruiting members and finding an advisor, Student Activities will place you on what is called “Provisional Registration.” Provisional groups have all the rights and privileges of other University groups except the use of University funds and sponsoring of social programs. So get your dream group going and you’ll go down in YSU history!!!! Stop in the Student Activities Office today and say...”I’d like to form a new student organization! Can I speak to the Student Activities staff?”

Title Award
Orion Award Outstanding Organization
YSU Pin Award Outstanding Senior Leaders
Leadership Scholarship Outstanding Student Leaders
Libra Award Outstanding Advisors
Who’s Who Noteworthy Student Leaders
Constellation Award Outstanding Programs
Gina Tenney Award Outstanding Sophomore
Multicultural Student Services Outstanding Service & Community Involvement