Division Leaders, Deans, Associate Deans, and Support Staff

2023-2024 Academic Year

(All phone numbers begin with 330-941-xxxx)


Beeghly College of LIberal Arts, Social Sciences, and Education (BCLASSE)

Dr. Charles Howell, Dean 
    Contact Information: DeBartolo Hall 118 | X3409 | clhowell01@ysu.edu

Dr. Alan Tomhave, Associate Dean 
    Contact Information: DeBartolo Hall 106 | X3447 | aetomhave@ysu.edu

Ms. Desa Pavlichich, Academic Operations Specialist
    Contact Information: DeBartolo Hall 108 | X3207 | dpavlichich@ysu.edu

Bitonte College of Health and Human Services (BCHHS)

Dr. Jeffery Allen, Dean 
    Contact Information: Cushwa Hall 2104 | X3320 | jballen03@ysu.edu

Dr. Sara Michaliszyn, Associate Dean 
    Contact Information: Cushwa Hall 2112 | X2116 | sbmichaliszyn@ysu.edu

Mr. Steve Katros, Academic Operations Specialist 
    Contact Information: Cushwa Hall 2110 | X2139 | sfkatros@ysu.edu

Cliffe College of Creative ARTS (CCCA)

Dr. Phyllis Paul, Dean
Contact Information: Bliss Hall 2312 | X1376 | pmpaul@ysu.edu

Ms. Joy Christiansen Erb, Associate Dean
Contact Information: Bliss Hall 2316 | X1397 | jchristiansenerb@ysu.edu

Mr. Daniel Duskey, Academic Operations Specialist
Contact Information: Bliss Hall 2314 | X3629 | djduskey@ysu.edu

College of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)

Dr. Wim Steelant, Dean 
    Contact Information: Moser Hall 2200 | X3009 | wfsteelant@ysu.edu

Williamson College of Business Administration (WCBA)

Dr. Kelly Wilkinson, Dean 
    Contact Information: Williamson Hall 3410 | X2737 | klwilkinson@ysu.edu

Dr. Christina Saenger, Associate Dean 
    Contact Information: Williamson Hall 3337 | X7256 | csaenger@ysu.edu

Mrs. Tiffany Moore, Academic Operations Specialist 
    Contact Information: Williamson Hall 3409 | X3065 | tlmoore09@ysu.edu

Sokolov Honors College

Dr. Amy Cossentino, Dean 
    Contact Information: Fok Hall 202 | X4741 | alcossentino@ysu.edu

Ms. Eileen Esposito, Academic Operations Specialist 
    Contact Information: Fok Hall 104 | X4746 | ejesposito01@ysu.edu

College of Graduate Studies

Dr. Sal Sanders, Assistant Provost for Cyberlearning and Dean 
    Contact Information: Coffelt Hall 209 | X2324 | sasanders@ysu.edu

Mrs. Linda Hulbert-Blosser, Academic Operations Specialist 
    Contact Information: Coffelt Hall 204 | X3093 | lahulbertblosser@ysu.edu

Institute for Teaching and Learning

Mrs. Hillary Fuhrman, Assistant Provost 
    Contact Information: Jones Hall 3048A | X2453 | hlfuhrman@ysu.edu


Ms. Ana Torres, Co-Director 
    Contact Information: Maag Library 226 | X1717 | amtorres02@ysu.edu

Ms. Christine Adams, Co-Director 
    Contact Information: Maag Library 226 | X3681| cmadams02@ysu.edu

Office of Diversity, EQUITY, and inclusion

Vacant, - contact Office of Academic Affairs | X-3103 | provost@ysu.edu

Office of Research SErvices

Dr. Sev Van slambrouck, Director 
    Contact Information: Jones Hall 3009 | X2378 | svanslambrouck@ysu.edu

Ms. Cheryl Coy, Business Operations Specialist 
    Contact Information: Jones Hall 3009 | X2377 | ckcoy@ysu.edu

Office of Academic Affairs

Dr. Brien N. Smith, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs 
    Contact Information: Tod Hall 222 | X3103 | bnsmith06@ysu.edu

Dr. Jennifer Pintar, Vice Provost for Academic Administration and Student Outreach Support
    Contact Information: Tod Hall 218 | X4628 | japintar@ysu.edu

Dr. Kevin Ball, Associate Provost for Academic Programs and Planning 
    Contact Information: Tod Hall 219 | X1560 | keball@ysu.edu

Dr. Claire Berardini, Associate Provost for Student Success
    Contact Information: Tod Hall 220/Jones Hall 3015 | X7436/X1467 | cberardini@ysu.edu

Dr. Amy Cossentino, Associate Provost for Strategy and Engagement 
    Contact Information: Tod Hall 221 | X3099 | alcossentino@ysu.edu

Jodi Clowes, Interim Executive Assistant to the Provost 
    Contact Information: Tod Hall 222 | X3103 | jaclowes@ysu.edu