Physics Olympics

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2020 YSU Physics Olympics

The YSU Physics Olympics will be held Saturday, February 22, 2020. The rules for this year's event has been updated. Please upload information using the link below.

For event information, please email the Physics Department

  • A high school may enter only one (1) team in competition.
  • Each time will consist of four (4) to twenty (20) high school students.
  • In order to involve as many students as possible, it is recommended that single competitors enter no more than four (4) events.
  • While participation in all events is not required, teams should plan to enter as many events as possible.
  • For schools with a large amount of participants, you are permitted to break your students up into multiple teams (ex: HSTEAM #A, HSTEAM#B).  Each team would complete separately from one another.  Please be aware Team A's scores only count for Team A and that no other team values would add in to Team A for an event.  Please contact Mary Janek if you have questions.  (Teams would need to pay a registration fee for each team submitted).


Registration fee: $20 per team (mail in or pay the day of event)


The events
*Download the rules here*.
1. Fermi Question
2. Quiz Show
3. Flying Machine
4. Bridge Building
5. Hot Water Making
6. Soda Straw Arm
7. Faraday Pickup
8. Ping-Pong Ball Launch (New distances for 2020)
9. Physics Phloater
10. Physics Hang-Ups
11. Making Music
12. Egg Drop