Dr. Wim Steelant

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Dr. Wim Steelant

Dean and Professor

College of Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics

Moser Hall 2200

phone: (330) 941-3009



Dr. Steelant received a Bachelor degree in Analytical Chemistry (1992) from St. Lieven College (Ghent, Belgium) followed by a Master’s degree in Chemical Engineering (1993) from West-Brabant College (Etten-Leur, The Netherlands). He obtained his Ph.D. in Biology/Biochemistry/Biomedicine from the University of Amsterdam (The Netherlands) in 2000 and completed a postdoctoral training at the University of Washington, Department of Pathobiology and the Pacific Northwest Research Institute with Prof. Sen-Itiroh Hakomori.
In 2002, he accepted a tenure-track position at New Mexico Tech in the Department of Chemistry with emphasis both on teaching and the creation of a Biochemical and Biomedical research facility. He obtained his tenure and promotion as Associate Professor in Chemistry in 2008. After serving three years as Chemistry Department Chair at New Mexico Tech, he became Dean of the School of Science at St. Thomas University in Miami, Florida. During that time, Dr. Steelant also was the founder of the nursing program, and accepted the position of Founding VP for Research (2014) at this institution to shape the Office of Sponsored Research and support and develop the University’s plan to seek more extramural funding. In 2016, he transitioned to a state university (Youngstown State University; YSU) where he now serves as Dean of the College of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) and Professor of Chemistry.

Research Interests

Cancer Research, Metastasis, Cancer Cell Invasion, Drug Discovery

Teaching Interests

Chemistry, Biology, Biochemistry, Chemical and Biological Warfare

  • Education
    • 2000

      Ph D, Biochemical/Biomedical

      University of Amsterdam

    • 1993

      MS, Chemical Engineering

      West-Brabant College

    • 1992

      BS, Chemistry (analytical)

      St. Lieven College

  • Awards and Honors
    • August 2011

      American Society of Leadership and Success

      Excellence in Teaching award

    • August 2007

      New Mexico Tech

      Innovative Teaching Award

      The Innovative Teaching Award was obtained for the Biochemistry 2 lab (CHEM442L) course development. The existing course curriculum was converted to a real research lab. The students were taught how to investigate potential anticancer activity of medicinal plants that are being used the students’ family. The interest in this course was overwhelming and has resulted in numerous undergraduate student authorships on peer-reviewed papers.

    • August 1996

      Flemish League Against Cancer

      Scientific prize of the Flemish League Against Cancer

    • August 1995

      Flemish League Against Cancer

      Scientific prize of the Flemish League Against Cancer

  • Past History
    • 2016

      Youngstown State University

      Dean of STEM and Professor of Chemistry (tenured)

    • 2014

      St. Thomas University

      Vice President for Research

    • 2011

      St. Thomas university

      Dean of Science and Associate Professor

    • 2008

      New Mexico Tech

      Chair and Associate Professor (tenured)

    • 2002

      New Mexico Tech

      Assistant Professor Chemistry

    • 2000

      University of Washington

      Research Associate