Mr. Robert Caven

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Mr. Robert Caven Jr.


Rayen School of Engineering

Moser Hall 2025

phone: (330) 941-1750


Worked at Aptiv (formerly, Delphi; formerly, Packard Electric Div. of General Motors) from 1979 - 2019 as a Project Engineer, Senior Project Engineer, and Senior Test Engineer. Part-time faculty in Electrical Engineering Technology (1985-89) and Electrical Engineering (2007 - 2019). Full-time Lecturer 2020-present. Gallery volunteer at National Museum of US Air Force (2016-present).

Teaching Interests

Electrical Engineering; Engineering Statistics

  • Past History
    • 2020

      Youngstown State University

      Lecturer (full-time)

    • 1985

      Youngstown State University

      Part-time faculty

    • 1979

      Aptiv (formerly, Delphi; formerly, Packard Electric Division of GM)

      Project Engineer

  • Public Service
    • 2016 - present

      National Museum of the US Air Force
      Wright-Patterson AFB (Dayton area), Ohio

Senior Engineer at Aptiv/Delphi/Packard Electric, focus on Quality Engineering, Engineering Statistics, and Problem Solving (through 2019). Part-time faculty at YSU (2011 - 2019). MSEE Youngstown State University (1989); BEE Kettering University (1984)