Mrs. Mary Weingart

Administrator Emeritus

MS, Youngstown State University

Mary Lou’s background prepared her for a career in business and teaching at the high school level. Her masters’ degree in education and licensure in reading served her well. In addition to teaching, she worked for many years with adult students and then found her ‘niche’ at YSU with students seeking careers in the arts. She is definitely a ‘people person’ who is driven to serve students seeking to unleash their passion and achieve the dreams they grew up seeking to fulfill.

Working with students pursuing careers in art, music, communication and theater, Mary Lou encourages them to pursue their passion for the arts. There, they find that the skills they learn are transferable to areas they had not previously recognized. The ‘key’ is to find a career that allows you to totally immerse yourself, where it doesn’t seem like work at all. Once you uncover your talent, you find other avenues to express yourself.