Ms. Li Sui

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Ms. Li Sui


Chemical & Biological Sciences

Ward Beecher Hall 3035B

phone: (330) 941-7122

  • Intellectual Contributions
    • 2023

      "Periplasmic β-glucosidase BglX from E. coli demonstrates greater activity towards galactose-containing substrates"

      International Journal of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, volume 14, issue 4, p. 76-86

    • 2012

      "Comparison of the functions of glutathionylspermidine synthetase/amidase from E. coli and its predicted homologues YgiC and YjfC."

      International journal of biochemistry and molecular biology, volume 3, issue 3, p. 302-12

    • "Glutathionylspermidine Conjugate as a Potential Protective Agent of DNA Damage Caused by Oxidative Stress and UV Exposure"

      Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, volume 1, issue 3, p. 52