Mr. Kin P. Moy

Faculty Emeritus

Kin Moy, a professor of electrical engineering at Youngstown State University

Electrical Engineering Technology
Department of Engineering Technology
College of STEM


  • Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical Engineering), Youngstown State U.
  • Master of Science in Engineering (Electrical Engineering) Youngstown State U.

Industrial Experience

  • General Motors/Delphi Corporation (32 Years - Retired)
  • Staff Research Engineer - Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)
  • Department Head - Data Communications Systems & EMC Technology
  • Department Head - EMC Technology and Advanced Laboratories

Professional Activities

  • SAE EMI Task Force, Chairman
  • SAE EMC Standards Committee, Vice Chairman
  • SAE U.S. Technical Advisory Group to ISO EMC, Chairman
  • USA delegation to International EMC Standards, Chairman
  • SAE Low Frequency Magnetic Field Task Force, Member
  • ISO TC22/SC32/USTAG, Electrical, Member
  • ISO TC22/SC32/WG13 USTAG, Member
  • SAE After-market Electronics EMC Practice Task Force, Member
  • IEEE Standards and Advisory Committee, Member
  • IEEE - Senior Member

Awards and Honor Society

  • YSU Dean’s Award for “Establishing University-Industry Research Partnerships” (2008)
  • SAE “2011 technical Standards Board Outstanding Contribution Award” (2011)
  • Phi Kappa Phi and Tau Beta Pi

Global Technical Seminars/Presentations

  • “Vehicle and Subsystem EM Immunity and Improvement Methodology” , Proceedings of ARTC Technical Seminar,Taiwan June 2007
  • “Automotive EMC Seminar”, Proceedings of HKPC Technical Seminar, Hong Kong China, August 2006
  • “Automotive EMC Design and Inspection”, Proceedings of ARTC Technical Seminar, Lugging, Taiwan June 2006
  • “Latest Trend in International EMC Standards Development for Automotive Applications” Proceedings of 2005 Asian Pacific EMC Symposium, Taipei

Major Publications

  • “Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Assurance of automotive Signal/Data Transmission for Vehicle Transportation Systems” Final Report to, Center for Transportation and Material Engineering (CTME), US Department of Transportation , March, 2012
  • “Comparisons for Analysis of Electrical Low Pass Filters Utilizing Multiple Computer Simulation Software Packages” ASEE Conference 2009
  • “Integration of application of Electromagnetic (EM) and Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) into Electrical Engineering Technology Program” 2008 ASEE Annual Conference, Pittsburgh, PA June 2008
  • Analysis of EMC functional and EMC Environmental characteristics for Copper Based Auto Data Comm. Structures (2010) - YSU Research Reports Submitted to ARTC (Automotive Research & Testing Center), Taiwan

YSU/ARTC (Taiwan) Research Projects

  • On Star Electronic Module EMC Test Plan – GM 3103 (2008)
  • Car Personal Computer (PC) - wireless for Ford EMC Test plan (2008)
  • Adaptive Front Lighting System (AFS) Controller – EMC Test (2008)
  • TFT – LCD Panel Module EMC Test Plan for Ford (2008)
  • Research Reports (Automotive Research & Testing Center), Taiwan
  • Quarterly Report (2 reports/year) on ISO EMC (2007-2014)
  • Function Performance Status Classification: Mode of Operations (2014)
  • (BCI) DBCI Test Configuration RE 310 Horn Antenna Test (2009)
  • RE 310 Ambient Noise Analysis (2014)
  • Field Uniformity for ISO 11451-2 (Vehicle RI Test – ALSE) (2014)
  • Toyota TSC7562G – Clause 6.18 “Pop Noise” test on Bench (2014)
  • Wiper operations during Vehicle EMC testing & CISPR 25 (2014)
  • VW EMC Laboratory Certification Process for ARTC (March 2014)
  • 3 dB Beamwidth @ Voltage or E Field Measurement Points (2013)
  • Slew Rate, Rise time and Fall Time Measurements on Transients (2013)
  • H Field Generation System for ISO 11452-8 (2013)