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Dr. Jack Min


Chemical & Biological Sciences

Ward Beecher Hall 3014

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YSU 2008 - present
Education: Ph.D. 1995 University of Hawaii; MSS (Master of Software Systems) 2002 University of British Columbia; MS 1987 China Agricultural University; BS 1984 Qingdao Agricultural University Postdoctoral Research: University of British Columbia (1996-1998); Institute of Physical and Chemical Research (RIKEN), Japan (1998-2000) Work Experience: Research associate - University of British Columbia (2000-2002); Concordia University (2002-2008)
Current Research & Teaching at YSU (2008 - present) Research projects: (1) Bioinformatics software and database development - software tools for DNA sequence analysis and identification of alternatively spliced genes; knowledge database development for secretomes and alternatively spliced genes; (2) Gene and genome annotation and evolutionary analysis. Teaching: BIOL1505: Biology & the Modern World; BIOL2601: General Biology - Molecules and Cells; BIOL3721: Genetics; BIOL3745: Plant Physiology; BIOL4890L: Molecular Genetics Laboratory; BIOL6964: Advanced Molecluar Genetics; BIOL4800: Bioinformatics; BIOL6900: Advanced Bioinformatics; BIOL5858: Computational Bioinformatics

Research Interests

Bioinformatics, Plant Genomics and Physiology

Teaching Interests

Bioinformatics, Plant Physiology, General Biology, etc

  • Education
    • 2002

      MS, Software Systems

      University of British Columbia

    • 1995

      Ph D, Plant Sciences

      University of Hawaii at Manoa

    • 1987

      MS, Agronomy

      China Agricultural University

    • 1984

      BS, Agronomy

      Qingdao Agricultural Universtity

  • Awards and Honors
    • February 2023


      Long Service Award

      For over 5 years of dedicated service and commitment to the PLOS ONE Editorial Board

    • May 2013

      Youngstown State University

      Distiguished Professorship

  • Intellectual Contributions
    • 2023

      "Systematic collection and analysis of alternative splicing events in potato plants"

      Journal of Plant Sciences, volume 11, issue 3, p. 98-106

    • 2022

      "Comparative analysis of alternative splicing events in foliar transcriptomes of potato plants inoculated with Phytophthora infestans"

      Computational Molecular Biology, volume 13, issue 1, p. 1-8

    • 2022

      "The pistachio genomes provide insights into nut tree domestication and ZW sex chromosome evolution"

      Plant Communications