Dr. G. Jay Kerns

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Dr. G. Jay Kerns


Mathematics & Statistics

Cafaro Hall 620

phone: (330) 941-3310



  • Awards and Honors
    • April 2013

      Youngstown State University

      Distinguished Professorship Award

      For Excellence in University Service

    • April 2011

      Glenville State College

      Outstanding Young Alumnus Award

      In recognition of my early and remarkable success in higher education.

    • April 2007

      Youngstown State University

      Distinguished Professorship Award

      For Excellence in Teaching.

    • August 2004

      Mathematical Association of America

      Project NExT Fellow

      Fellowship for New Experiences in Teaching.

  • Administrative Assignments
    • 2016 - present


  • Intellectual Contributions
    • 2017

      "A characterization of signed discrete infinitely divisible distributions"

      Studia Scientiarum Mathematicarum Hungarica, volume 54, issue 4, p. 446-470

    • 2017

      "Calibration Experiments for a Computer Vision Oyster Volume Estimation System"

      Journal of Statistics Education, volume 17, issue 2

    • 2015

      "Diatom assemblages in a reservoir sediment core track land-use changes and other activities on the watershed."

      J Paleolimnol, Springer

    • 2011

      "On generalized Sarmanov bivariate distributions"

      TWMS Journal of Applied and Engineering Mathematics, volume 1, issue 1, p. 86-97

    • 2009

      "Implementation of the Comprehensive Assessment Toolbox for Stroke in a Medical System"

      REHABILITATION NURSING, volume 34, issue 2, p. 74-82

    • 2008

      "Effects of Spinal Manipulation on Trunk Proprioception in Subjects with Chronic Low Back Pain During Symptom Remission"

      Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics, volume 32, issue 2, p. 118-135