Dr. Eleanor Congdon

Associate Professor
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Dr. Eleanor Congdon

Associate Professor

Humanities & Social Sciences

DeBartolo Hall 545

phone: (330) 941-3454


Research Interests

Medieval Mediterranean History; the merchant of Prato, Francesco di Marco Datini; Venetian merchants in Syria in the 1480s; American Church Architecture from Civil War to WWI through the work of Henry Martyn Congdon; History of textiles and paper

Teaching Interests

Medieval History: Europe in General; Great Britain specifically; Medieval Mediterranean; Medieval Middle East including Islamic regimes; Greek and Roman History; Pharonic Egypt
World History: World History in General; European specifically; Asia to 1500 including the Silk Road; maritime history; agricultural history, history of technology.

  • Education
    • 1997

      Ph D

      University of Cambridge

    • 1988

      BA, History

      Williams College

  • Past History
    • 2002

      Youngstown State University

      Assistant Professor of Medieval and Renaissance History

    • 1998

      Plymouth State College

      Associate Professor of History