Dr. Diana Awad Scrocco

Associate Professor

Diana Scrocco

Diana Awad Scrocco earned her Ph.D. in literacy, rhetoric, and social practice at Kent State University where she completed a dissertation on medical communication. Her research examines expert-novice interaction and feedback in academic and professional settings, including the teaching hospital, writing center, and college composition classroom. She teaches graduate and undergraduate courses in professional and technical writing, composition pedagogy and research methods, and healthcare communication.


Graduate Courses:

Teaching of Writing | Methods of Composition Research | Public and Professional Writing | Healthcare Communication | Teaching Practicum | Public and Professional Writing Internship

Undergraduate Courses:

Introduction to Public, Professional, and Technical Writing | Writing with Data | Ethnographic Writing | Grant Writing | Professional and Technical Writing Senior Project | Business Writing | Writing 1 | Writing 2 | Public and Professional Writing Internship


  • Ph.D., Kent State University
  • M.A., Kent State University
  • B.A., Youngstown State University


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  • Awad Scrocco, D. (2016). ‘Let’s talk more about this’: An analysis of how experts engage novice physicians in pedagogical dialogue. Communication & Medicine 13(2): 227-242.
  • Awad Scrocco, D. (2014). Learning to argue like an expert: The role of topoi in internal medicine residency. Journal of Argumentation in Context 3(3): 231-258.
  • Awad Scrocco, D. (2012). Do you care to add something? Articulating the student interlocutor’s voice in writing response dialogue. Teaching English in the Two-Year College 39(3): 274-292.
  • Awad Scrocco, D. (2012). How do you think you did? Involving tutors in self-assessment and peer-assessment during OWL training. The Writing Lab Newsletter 36(7-8): 9-13.
  • Awad Scrocco, D. (2011). Using music as a theme in an aural project in a college writing course. In J. K. Dowdy & S. Kaplan (Eds.), Teaching Drama in the Classroom: A Toolbox for Teachers (pp. 55-57). Rotterdam, the Netherlands: Sense Publishers.
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Diana Awad-Scrocco

Associate Professor

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