Dr. Daniel Ayana

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Dr. Daniel Ayana


Humanities & Social Sciences

DeBartolo Hall 541

phone: (330) 941-1609



Currently a Professor & director of Graduate Program, Daniel Ayana graduated with a PhD in African History from University of Illinois Urbana-Champaigne. Before joining YSU he taught at Illnois state University, Bloomington-Normal, and Addis Abebe University as a Lecturer from where he was admitted Graduate school in Urbana-Champaigne.

Research Interests

Intellectual and Environmental History, Environmental factors for Epidemics, Changes in the meaning of Ideas overtime, Democracy and the institutional Basis, Local Assemblies and Town Meetings, The Impact of Colonialism and Cold war on the rise of authoritarian regimes, Globalization, the rise of New Alliances and their impact the spread of Democracy.

Teaching Interests

Africa and the West, Population migrations, Rise and Fall of Empires, Pandemics in War & Peace times, Comparative history, centers of civilization and their spread, Nationalism, World War I & II, Decolonization, Rise & Fall of Communism, the Cold War and its impact, Globalization and New Realignments, Democracy and its slow spread.