YSU Foundation launches annual Fall appeal

The YSU Foundation is announcing the upcoming launch of the annual Fall appeal mailing, as well as a new way to give: cryptocurrency.

The Annual Fund is the Foundation’s largest mass fundraising effort of the year, mailing to approximately 110,000 households. Each year, the mailing reaches out to alumni and friends of the university to support YSU and the Foundation.

“When you donate, you do more than provide funding for education – you enable dreams, ambitions and experiences by assisting students as they achieve their goals,” said Angela Catullo, Annual Giving coordinator. “Your gift will not only influence the lives of YSU students today, but it will impact the lives of those for generations to come.”

When making a gift - mail, online, phone - there are many areas of support the donation can go to. A gift selection can be made for a specific college, program, athletic team, organization, endowment or scholarship. It is important to note the specific designation, as this ensures the intentions of the gift are met.

The expected delivery date for the mailing is mid- to late-October.

The Foundation has also started accepting cryptocurrency for contributions. In philanthropy, cryptocurrency works similarly to a stock - when an organization receives the charitable gift, the donor avoids capital gains and income taxes due to them never selling the asset themselves - and has gained popularity over the past few years. The Foundation uses BitPay as its service provider.

Those interested in donating can go to www.ysufoundation.org and select the “Give Now” button at the top of the page and then choose a preferred giving method. YSU employees can also make bi-weekly or semi-monthly donations through YSU salary deductions, which can be found here. 

For questions, contact Catullo at astana@ysufoundation.org. For questions regarding crypto donations, contact Erik Engartner at eengartner@ysufoundation.org