Students from 18 universities compete at international contest on campus

Nearly 50 teams of students from 18 universities competed in the International Collegiate Programming Contest at Youngstown State University.

The contest is the premiere global programming competition sponsored by the Association for Computing Machinery. The world final will be in Beijing in 2018.

The regional competition at YSU on Oct. 27 and 28 was among several held throughout the world. The YSU contest included students from across the region, including Carnegie Mellon University, Duquesne, Pennsylvania State University, University of Akron, College of Wooster, Ashland University and Ohio Wesleyan University.

Robert Kramer, associate professor of Computer Science and Information Systems at YSU, is regional director of the ICPC’s East Coast North America region.

Teams try to solve 10 competitive programming questions within five hours.

Among YSU faculty and staff supporting the contest were Feng “George” Yu, YSU assistant professor of CSIS, and Robert Gilliland, YSU instructor of CSIS, both of whom served as ICPC YSU site directors; CSIS Administrative Assistant Connie Frisby, Brian Nelson, YSU data security analyst. There also were four judges: John Bonomo of Westminster College, Bob Roos of Allegheny College, David Poeschl of Microsoft and Sean McCulloch of Ohio Wesleyan. CSIS volunteer students included Daniel Day, Suraj Dhakal, Zack Harnett, Kaitlyn Glodde, Amanda Gross, Brandon Latronica, Judah Maendel, Bryant Nittoli, Devin Patrick, Dil Bahadur Rawat, Rebecca Scott, Ronish Shresth, Anikat Kumar Singh, Jonathan Sternthal, George Tabet, Bikash Thapa and Swetha Yelamanchi.