New faculty contract nears completion

The Youngstown State University Board of Trustees approved a resolution today that opens the way for a new three-year contract with the university’s faculty union.

“We are pleased to report that a pathway has been cleared for both the administration and the union to reach a tentative agreement,” said Dee Crawford, vice chair of the board. “We look forward to working with our faculty to finalize details.”

A neutral Fact Finder last week released a report with recommendations on how to settle provisions of the contract that remain unresolved.

On Monday, the faculty union presented to its membership the report’s recommendations, plus a handful of amendments collaboratively developed by the administration and faculty negotiating teams. Faculty members have until this afternoon to vote on whether to accept or reject the amended report. The vote results are expected later today.

Today, trustees voted to reject the recommendations in the original Fact Finder’s report. The board also, however, directed the administration’s negotiating team to return to the table to draft a tentative agreement based on the Fact Finder’s recommendations and the amendments that were collaboratively developed by both sides.

“We believe we are quickly nearing the finish line and the resolution of a contract that is fair and equitable,” Crawford said.

Details of the agreement will be released once both sides approve.