New committee explores space in Kilcawley Center

A campus committee has been formed to explore the future use of space in Kilcawley Center.

The Kilcawley Center Space Utilization and Reallocation Committee consists of 18 people from across the university, including faculty, staff, students and administration.

The purpose of the committee is to provide advisory guidance to Eddie Howard, associate vice president of Student Experience for the allocation and use of space in Kilcawley Center. Howard said input from the committee will be used to determine the priority of project completion and allocation of financial resources.

“It’s important that these decisions are made in an inclusive and transparent manner,” Howard said. “We look forward to input from across the campus.”

The need for the committee is particularly relevant because of the relocation of the university’s bookstore. The bookstore, now in Kilcawley Center, will relocate to a new Barnes and Noble Student Bookstore on Fifth Avenue as early as this Fall semester. Howard is exploring options regarding use of space that will be vacated.

Members of the committee are:

Margaret Briley, faculty, Counseling, Special Education and School Psychology.
Olivia Cupp, Housing and Residence Life.
Erin Driscoll, Student Activities.
Justin Edwards, College of Creative Arts and Communication
Donna Greenaway, Division of Student Experience
Eddie Howard, Division of Student Experience
Anthony Kolat, student organizations representative
Tony Koss, Management, Williamson College of Business
Nicole Mullins, HPES
Jenna Roesch, Student Government
Vince Sacco, Facilities
Caroline Smith, Student Government
Tony Spano, Procurement Services
Rich White, Facilities
Jessica Williams, student organizations representative
John Young, Kilcawley Center